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xMiyavixFanx (profile) wrote,
on 6-24-2004 at 10:21pm
Current mood: content
Music: Pierrot- NeoGrotesque/ Pierrot- A Pill
Subject: La la le le...
'Ello, my dearies~

Your beloved Adrian here, letting you know that nobody has suceeded in killing me yet. ^_^; I'm too fast for that.

I haven't updated for a while, I have not. ._.' I have no excuse either. I haven't even been buseh, I just forgot. -Begs for forgiveness-

So, heres an update on my life~

Recently read book: Interview with The Vampire- again, and The Vampire Armand. ^-^ Both were lovely~

Relationship Status: Depressingly single~ Big surprise ne?

Hair~~: Purple and pink still. ^^

Current Video Game: Beyond Good and Evil, which I just bought today. I lurve it!

Now that you know that, I'm going to prattle on and on...

Oh, you know you love it.



Interesting, no?

You know, I was sick for two bloody weeks. e.e' Blame the children. They carry diseases. v.v They want Adrian-sama dead, they do. With their pet spiders and overly affectionate-ness. Scary, very scary.

In other news, I have bought myself some bright purple six inch platform shoes. Yay me~ -Gigglesnort- Hm...other stuff...let's see. I was cosplaying as Toshiya earlier this week. Not for any reason other than to piss off old people though. -Beams-

Well, your beloved Adrian shall take his leave of you now. So you no longer have to listen to me talk in third person.

Love, Peace, and Platform Shoes,

-Adrian <3
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06-28-04 2:23pm

my hairs - purple and pink and blue - woohu! great colours in my opinion!
and im loving the shoes

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06-29-04 11:35pm

ooo purple shoes-es!

haven't read either of those vamp books, but I've been meaning to. Hmmm...

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Yesh, blame the children.., 06-30-04 6:02pm

Children are evil.... I used to have platform shoes! ::moment of nostalgia:: ^^

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07-01-04 3:38am

Wah! -huggle- :D Isn't Anne Rice amazing? I've read Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, and I started reading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty a few days ago ;D May I recommend Poppy Z. Brite; she's a secksi, subtly gay (?) vampire writer too!

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O.o, 07-01-04 2:28pm

I've also read Interview with the Vampire. Good book.

Looks jealously at shoes.

I almost got orange platform shoes...they didn't have my size, though.


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07-04-04 3:20pm

Draw me another picture? Please? I'll draw you one!

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12-30-04 8:06pm

so I guess you like Ann Rice then. You should check out the author Christine Feehan. She writes some good vamp stories.

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