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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 7-8-2004 at 6:19pm
Subject: britt\'s next to me!!!

thirteen random things you like:
01) guys

02) shopping
03) hang 0ut wif BrItT
04) laughing
05) friends
06) movies
07) music
08) abercrombie
09) hollister
10) shoes
11) purses
12) money$$
13) my phone

twelve movies:
01) texas chainsaw massacre
02) the notebook
03) night at the roxbury
04) the ring
05) white chicks
06) mah d0g skiP
07) SwimFAn-- LOL. KAYLA, great movie
08) d0DGebALl
09) fINdINg nEmo
10) aL0nG cAmE p0lly
11) STaRsKy N huTch
12) thE bUtTerFlY eFFeCT

eleven good bands/artists:
01) BlINK 182
02) go0D CHaRlOtTe
03) TaKINg BaCk SunDay
04) uShhHer
05) fEfE DoBsON
06) lp
07) THe SeXii MaN WiTh THe WaLK.. lol. britt
09) dc
10) mest
11) anything ROCK***

ten things about you ... physically:
01) brown hair and blond. lol.
02) green eyes sometimes brown
03) (p0wer chain!!=)straight teeth
04) 5'2
05) strong fingernails. lmao.
06) full lips (dsl)
07) peanut shaped eyes. lmao. i luvv britttttt
08) long hair
09) pierced ears
10) glossy ears, lmao. sorry kayla,we luvv you!

nine good friends: in like.. special order or anything.. (j/p)
02) bailey
03) chris
04) mia
05) kristi
06) kayla
07) chris
08) callli
09) rachel, lacey, kaela, sandra, and BRITTANY***

eight favorite foods/drinks:
01) shrimp stew
02) shrimp salad
03) brittany!!!!!!!!!lol
04) shrimp rye
05) pop corn shrimp
06) fried shrimp
07) shrimp cocktail
08) shrimp! (j/p bout all those.. i hate shrimp!! me n britt are jusss REALLY hyper!!!*

seven things you wear daily:
01) socks
02) bra
03) shorts/pants/skirt
04) shirt
05) makeup
06) undies
07) deoderant ( none of you ppl put that!! YOUR ALL SICK!)

six things that annoy you:
01) ppl who leave annonnmous comments that are mea :(
02) ppl that arent britt
03) the pop pop pop POP of pop corn
04) nick
05) nick attemtping to play the guitar.. the same song over and over and over and over and over and over!! grrr. lol
06) havin no $$$cha-ching$$$

five things you touch everyday:
01) keyboard
02) phone
03) brittany
04) brush..?
05) my bedd

four shows you watch:
01) boiling points
02) the brittany show. lol
03) mad tv.. (STUART! AND LORLAINE!)
04) snl

three celebrities you have a crush on:
01) ashton kutcher
02) brittany!!
03) tom delonge!

two people on lj you have kissed
01) brittany!! even tho she doesnt have an lj!
02) and YOU!

one person you could spend the rest of your life with
01) brittany!!* muah britt! thanks for helping!
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07-09-04 12:20am

hey kidd0... had fun wit ya @ tha bl0ck party cant wait till u me bailey n britt hang 0ut again <<3`xkaela`o

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Re:, 07-09-04 12:49am


LmFa0..we had fun today.
im gonna miss u =[ .. have fun .. i did a great packing job didnt i *all set*.. we really need to go shopping and get some sexy bootz. =)

i love you 2 much

<3Brittany Jizz .. the one wh0 lives in yer tree

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Re: Re:, 07-11-04 7:52pm

hey babe!~~
i had SO much fun 2!! you need t0 c0me 0ver when y0ur n0t evn al0ud t0o again! muah muah muah**
and in dayt0na, i didnt get to parasail. :( s0 i didnt get to wear mah awesome lil wizard thingy y0u packed me. t0 tell y0u the truth i didnt evn bring it :(
lol. 0kii d0kii
l0ve ya! c0me 0ver t0m0rr0w!

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