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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 7-14-2004 at 11:18pm
Music: echo-- trapt
Subject: bailey
hey babe!

you wanted me to update.

so its for you.

i love you so much.

and im always here.

b/c thats what best friends are for.

everythings gonna work out.

and youll be fine.

b/c you have SO many ppl that care abuot you.

and hey i would make a list of all the ppl who love you, but g0d. andi'd prolly kick me off woohu for writing so damn much!

your my best friend.

and i love you. forever. and ill always be here.

right here.

to listen.

you talk.

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07-15-04 12:33am

y0ur s0 sweet kayla.. i wish i had a best friend lyk y0ou !

if u had made that list
i would be on top
cuz i love bailey so much
nd i love yooooou <333

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goldman here., 07-15-04 8:16am

the lady is a stripper.

he doesnt sell shoes. he a shoe repairman she broke her heel probably during the pole sliding. haha.

did something happen with bailey and garrett? is he an ass to her now or something?


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07-17-04 10:11pm

hey babe thank for all the love and support it means alot when im going trough the shit that i go through on a daily basses..

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