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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 7-21-2004 at 2:42pm
Music: The Cure - The End of the World
Subject: 400th Entry, bitches.
Well I decided to do something kind of special for my 400th entry since I won't be having a high number for awhile. So check it out.


Did you grab the nipples? -Lady at random garage sale

Grapes! Lets buy em then put em in our pants! -Stacy

It's like a slimey snake on my face. -Kate Shelton

I like to lick things. -Lisa Leonard

Who is this? He's on a bed. -Stacy
On a bed? It's gotta be James. -Lisa Leonard

The Beanery? What? Do they make beaners? -Lisa Leonard

Birdies! I want to kick them in the head! -Stacy

Dude, there is no red light. -Joe Castine
Yeah you can. -Dustin Cain
Yeah you can..? -Joe Castine

Living where nazis are, is just keeping the jews away from you. -Dustin Cain

You're a hairy turtle. -Lisa Leonard
Suck my hairy turtle! -Joe Castine

It looks like someone ejaculated in your doughnut. -Joe Castine

We just grinded eachothers vaginas! -Erika Childs

I am unlimited minutes. -Joe Castine

Your seat smells funny. -Stacy

Look! I'm a deer. -Dustin Cain

I'm a sizzlin' tan pan! -Joe Castine
A sizzling tampon? -Lisa Leonard

I'm food. Want my meat? -Joe Castine

You're hilarious. -Stacy
I think I'm hill something else. -Lisa Leonard

It's a pen -Stacy -Lisa Leonard

That would hurt your ears if you had them on. -Lisa Leonard
He doesn't have his ears on? -Joe Castine

Does it have asparagus in it? I think you should check if it has asparagus in it. -Lisa Leonard
I think your face has asparagus in it. -Stacy
Really? Then it must smell like pee. -Lisa Leonard
You're an idiot. -Stacy

I'm good at turning things on. -James Golden

You can be distinct, like croutons. -Mrs. Towelhead er... Ahmed

It's hard to be intimidating when you're on your knees. -Lisa Leonard

Go to hell! -Stacy
I'll see you fucking there bitch! -Michelle Fraser

My face is right next to your vagina.. I totally just looked at your vagina. -Becky Visser

Ar, ar, ar! -Stacy
Is that what I sound like..a seal? -Michelle Fraser

I'm going to hell. I stole from a bible camp. -James Golden

I can't stare at them too long, they'll want my hot sex. -Joe Castine

I'm a dumbass. That makes me an average guy in Cedar Springs. -James Golden

I'd be nervous not wearing a dress in front of you. -James Golden

We have new jigga boos in the neighborhood. -My mother

See that blue chirping squirrel? -Brandi Totten
Ummm.. -Stacy
Well! He stole my cup cake! -Brandi Totten

Do you know how much better the world would be if we all sang when we talked? -Dustin Cain

Yeah, pull down your pants to expose the pickles. -Lisa Leonard

Lets find all the men magazines. Ya know EQ? -Erika Childs you mean GQ? -Stacy

I need to go to your house to undress. -Lisa Leonard

I need to waterproof the willy. -James Golden

Did he let you see his vagina yet? -Becky Visser

It's not like you made the fucking movie, don't get upset when I say it sucks! -Michelle Fraser

I need to lick something. -Lisa Leonard

I was nervous. Yes, even God can get nervous. -James Golden

I'm sorry but I have to squeeze my boobs. -Erika Childs

My vagina is dry. -Erika Childs
I can fix that. -Becky Visser

Shut up ya dykey, dykey bitch! -Stacy

I'm Russian baby.. want me to prove it to you? -Becky Visser

The butter! It was just sitting there. -Stacy

Don't wiggle your worm in front of me. -Erika Childs
I'll wiggle it if I want to. -Stacy
Oh.. I already wiggled your worm. -Becky Visser

You wanna go? Fire! -Dustin Cain
You're kinda retarded. -Joe Castine

Eww.. some sand just fell in my face. -Lisa Leonard
Yeah, that was from my ass. -Becky Visser

Want me to come in and drop worms from my mouth? -Stacy

Lisa doesn't money. -Stacy

We're vagina deep. -Erika Childs

Come on, take your shirt off. -Becky Visser

I can feel your vagina on my neck. -Becky Visser
Maybe this isn't the right time to tell you I have a penis. -Erika Childs
I wondered what that was. -Becky Visser

I have five boobs protruding from my naked skin. -Erika Childs

Is there anything you can't shove up your shirt? -Lisa Leonard

Oh, I've came..that's all you need to know. -Becky Visser

Excuse me I need to rub my balls on the floor. -Stacy

It's a mini van. With a siren on it! -Dustin Cain

I saw a dog run into a trash can today and I was like "It's blind!" -Michelle Fraser

I'm turning myself on.. I'll tell you what. -Becky Visser

He was a nice rapist. -Kate Shelton

In my dream Britney Spears saved me. -Erika Childs

Don't worry I'll put my nose in your ear someday. -Kate Shelton

What is that? -Erika Childs
I don't know, it was in James's pants. -Stacy
Are you serious? Your brother just ate one. -Erika Childs

I can castrate you with this. -Joe Castine
If only I had a penis. -Lisa Leonard
I have a penis! -Stacy

I just ate your carpet, I'm a carpet eater! -Erika Childs

Is it limp? -Stacy

..I need to bend down and rub my balls all over the floor. -Becky Visser

You've got hair all over, but it's white. -Erika Childs

Jiggly faggot! -Dustin Cain

I wonder if I could wiggle my tongue through all these holes. -Erika Childs

Awwe she's so cute. -Becky Visser
Yeah.. for a little bitch. -Stacy

You're making it rub on your leg. -Lisa Leonard
That's how I navigate. -Joe Castine

I think I smell bad. Man..I smell bad. -Erika Childs

Why are you rubbing Christina Aguliera on your neck? -Stacy
Would you rather me rub it on your neck? -Erika Childs

You're too easy, Dustin. -Joe Castine

I don't mean die as in dead. -Dustin Cain

It's not a gummy worm. -Lisa Leonard was in my pants.. -Stacy

For one it's Joeys, for two it's mine. -Bradley Blair

When I'm happy I don't pee on people or rape them. -Phil Maas

I wish my penis did that, it'd make things a lot easier. -Bradley Blair

I'm winning. In my pants! -Joe Castine

You fuck uncles, you uncle fucker! -James Golden

Well eff me in the a! -Joe Castine

How come everything always ends up on Brads penis? -Stacy

Shut up, bitch tits! -Bradley Blair

I'm not supposed to die, the world is gonna need me. -Phil Maas

Hey, wanna put anything else up your shirt? -Lisa Leonard

Dude, that's a kids toy and it vibrates. -Stacy
They need to expierence while they're young. -Bradely Blair

Fondle yourself as much as you can. -Joe Castine

What the piss! -Joe Castine

This garbage is really heavy. -Joe Castine
The garbage is awful happy? -Stacy

I don't have it. -Joe Castine
No you don't! -Lisa Leonard

What is cooter cake made out of? Jessi Hazen
Cooter. -Jessie Wilde

All I heard was surfer and transvestite. -Lisa Leonard

She doesn't like me, I have a penis. -Mitch Armstrong
That's why she likes me. Oh! Burn on myself! -James Golden

If you have to put your head into her boobs, I'm fine with that. -Justin (beaver)

I'm like the sky! I'll always be there..watching! You can't ignore me! -Keith (older brother)

If I come over I have to wear your underwear. -Becky Visser

My grandma calls me a slut. -Kamal

I was walking in the house with my pants off and my mom ran into me and was like "Nice package ya got there." Then she was like "I meant your stomach!" -James Golden

It's limp, you gotta make it strong! -Joe Castine

Stacy, if I loved you any more it'd be illegal. -Justin (beaver)

I have a penis! -Dylan Ross

Those funny black people and their funny black music. -Joe Castine

Dude, I so want to fuck that car. -Stacy
Well I'm gonna fuck it while you're fucking it! -Bradley Blair

Who do they think I is? -Dustin Cain

This is what happens when you hit every branch of the ugly tree. -Joey Domina

I could blame it on my Doctor, but that bastard died. -My Father

Wow, this song sucks! -Joe castine
Well, I like it. -Stacy
I'm sorry. -Joe
It's ok.. -Stacy
No. I'm sorry that you like this song. It sucks! -Joe

Nothing better than waking up in a barn somewhere with a g-string on your head and herpes. -Ben Birk

This sounds like chinese porn music. -Lisa Leonard

What time it is? -Lisa Leonard

I'm gonna kill the dead thing. -Dustin Cain

Hey Lisa did you eat cereal this morning? -Joe Castine
Yeah, I did actually. -Lisa Leonard
Were they bitch flakes?! -Joe

I can see him saying "I think I forgot.. but I don't remember." -Stacy

I want a kilt so my danglies can dangle. -Ben Birk

How'd you know they weren't homeless? -Stacy
Homeless people don't wear sunglasses. -Lisa and Joe (at the exact same time)

As soon as you feel uncomfortable tell me. -Erika Childs
Well you are rubbing my leg. -Stacy

I have to push my fingers through the hole. -Lisa Leonard

I like gay guys, because they take other men so we get more women. -Dustin Cain

Dude seriously. I'm totally rushing to Best Buy and running through the doors sweating, screaming "Where is it? Motherfuckers! Seriously, move out of the God damned cock sucking way! I need to get the DVD now! Anyone in my way will be killed! Anyone! -Matt Whetzel

I'll get her the same thing I got her last year. Nothing. -Justin (beaver)

Why'd he come over? -Michelle Fraser
Because he's ugly! -Erika Childs

We don't want you to die. We want you to live with a horrible disease. -Michelle Fraser

How's the dead bunnie? -Erika Childs
It's dead, it's doing good. -Stacy

She's the mother fucking anti-christ! -Mitch Armstrong

We need to get bucket seats and put them on horses. -Dustin Cain

I want to be black so I can say nigger cool. -Matt W

I will urinate all over my face! -Matt W

Sprinkles of cheesey joy! -Kate Shelton

There was only like four of us, well.. the rest were Chinese people. -Lisa Leonard
Yeah, well they don't count. -Stacy
Exactly! -Lisa

Your telephone is ringing. -Lisa Leonard
I'll answer it later. -Stacy

Jesus was black. -Kate Shelton

What ya doing? -Stacy
Drawing a crappy star for you and now it's flying away to get away from you. -Kate Shelton

Ok, it says 'No loitering' and there's a bench sitting here. -Joey Domina

I wish I had herpes and a better chance of cancer. -Ben Birk

Ya know what would make this day better? -Stacy
What? -Lisa Leonard
Ponies! -Stacy

Look at the indian, he looks like an indian! -Joe Castine

I want some of those pizza things that are like in a roll, what are those called? -Dustin Cain
Pizza rolls. -Stacy
Yeah! -Dustin

Man, that would suck if you were a potato. -Kate Shelton

I stroke it every hour. -Kate Shelton

He was like "I have thought more than you will in your entire life!" and I was like "Yeah, because it's so hard." -Matt W

I'm not racist, look at the little black kid! -Joe Castine

Lisa, what are you on? -Dustin Cain
Ninja cops! They are jumping out of the trees! -Lisa Leonard

Look, a black kid riding a bike! -Joe Castine
Yeah.. who knew black people could ride bikes. -Matt W

I just zipped my penis up. -Bradley Blair
How is that possible? I mean it's so small. -Joe Castine
Shut up man, it stings! -Brad

I just chicken packeted you. -Kate Shelton

You're like a.. light bulb -Stacy
Are I just a ice bulb? -Kate Shelton
What?! -Stacy

I'm moving so fast it looks like I have two hands. -Bradley Blair

Don't mess with my ass punisher! - Joey Domina

If I had a dream I could stop prejudice. -Kate Shelton

I broke the toilet. -Joey Domina

Can I rub nuts allll over your face? -Matt Whetzle

All I ask is that you don't touch my nut box. -Stacy

When you grow up you're gonna be a free sample grandma. -Matt W

He had poo poo paintings in his underwear. -Joey Domina

Yeah, a dancing midget with peanut butter stole my keys! -Joe Castine

I'm gonna save the dead animals. -My mother

It's a dog. Why would it have legs? -Stacy

Fuck up! -Lisa Leonard

You can't be angry when you're naked. -Joe Castine

If I wanted to see shitty re-runs I'd sit at home and watch Darma and Greg! -Matt W

Don't rub your nuts on my face. -Kate Shelton

My mom comes home and is like "I just got done spreading my legs and sucking cock, want money?" -Matt W

Matt, I'm gonna get you a DVD rewinder for your birthday! -Joe Castine
Wait.. those don't exist! -Stacy, Stacy. -Matt W

I remember when that deer jumped out in front of me, It scared the shit outta me! -Casey
What about the taradactyl? That thing was huuuge! -Blake

You can't get pregnant from shitty diapers. -Joe Castine

My nuts are making a noise! -Joey Domina

Fuck my mom! -Matt W
Hard! -Stacy

Everyone thinks the grim reaper is bad, he just cuts the wheat. -Blake

Satan's children! They're in the corn field. -Blake

Dude, kid my ball is better than yours, it's purple. -Lisa Leonard

Joey, do you hate me? -Stacy
Mmm. Strawberry shake. -Joey Domina

Shut up you apple pie humper! -Joey Domina

I'm gonna burrow into a cacoon. -Kate Shelton
Why? So you can evolve into a bigger bitch!? -Matt W

I'm hungry. -Joe Castine
Eat my ass! -Matt W

Air head! Your head is all.. full of air! -Joey Domina

I'm gonna burrow into your crotch. -Matt W
Eww. Why? -Justin Perry
It's warm. -Matt W

If you were a popsicle you'd be bad stuff flavored! -Matt W

Sorry, I had to leap. Joey was reaming me in the ass. -Matt W

Well slap me and tell me it's morning! -My mother

A cock, I had one of those once. -Joey Domina

I made him eat grass and called him a goat boy. -Adrianne McCluer

Everyone that cries goes to hell. -Blake

This little girl is like "They won't play with me because I'm little" and I said Barney should say "No..they won't play with you because you're a chink!" -Stacy
Hahaha, you suck! You're making racist comments about Barney! -Phil Maas

It tastes like crap, seasoned with shit. -Stacy

Breast cancer, army guys. What's the difference? No one likes them, and you're just trying to kill it! -Matt W

My dad held a baby while it died. -Joey Domina
How'd it die? -Stacy
Got hit by a car. -Joey
While he was holding it!? -Stacy

I'm gonna name the killer. I'm gonna name it.. Killer! -Stacy

Ahhh, I need my glasses. I can't see! -Dustin Cain
I don't care about your needs! -Matt W

I don't like stupid people. -My mom
You don't like yourself? That's sad. -Dustin Cain

Want to touch my hole? -Kate Shelton

I hate this song because I have to dance to it with my fingers. -James Golden

The flowers stole our pants! -Kate Shelton

I want to steal the wide load sign and staple it to my mom. -Kate Shelton

Wouldn't it suck if everything you stole got shoved up your ass in hell? -James Golden

Why is there shit on your dick? -Matt W
Because I fucked you in the ass. -James Golden

For $500 I'd do anyone in the butt. -Matt W

I didn't say you were retarded, I said you were stupid. -James Golden


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07-21-04 2:52pm

that's some good shit

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hahaha, 07-21-04 2:52pm

I forgot I said all those..

Nice picture of the screamin' cheese, too. I didn't think anyone would keep that.

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:), 07-21-04 3:03pm

Very nice.

I noticed Becky and Erika talk about vaginas.. a lot. haha.

Good job, Stace.

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Re: :), 07-21-04 10:29pm


Stacy- nice picture of me... oh WAIT THERE ARENT ANY.

haha. thats hi LAR ious.

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Re: Re: :), 07-21-04 10:31pm

oops. that was for james clicked on the wrong one love you kate kisses mwah! ^.^ <33

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07-21-04 3:55pm


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Re:, 07-21-04 10:32pm

kay now i clicked on the right button, OMG JAMES. I KNEW YOU COULD FLY <3!!!!!

:) missyou.

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Re: Re:, 07-22-04 7:21am

Of course I can fly. All ninjas can.

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07-21-04 8:59pm

i remember when i had blue hair.

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07-21-04 11:35pm

Aww..stace.. I miss you! And I miss Dustin and Lisa and Wetzel and bal bla bla..
We should have a shindig were we get jiggy wit it and Erika and I can talk about vagina's some more.
*fantasizes* will be grand...

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yeah, 07-23-04 1:00am

yup i really feel loved now...(sarcasim) even though i'm not in it...

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Re: yeah, 07-23-04 7:21am

The only reason you're not on it is because I didn't post pictures that people have posted before and the only two pictures I had of you Justin had already posted.

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