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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-21-2004 at 10:26pm
Current mood: hyper
Music: love makes the world go round // ashlee simpson
Subject: when you say love makes the world go round. ---> my broke heart has no f*ing use. i woke up at 9ish... somehow i ended up in my mom's bed? perhaps i was sleep walking... i do not know. but anyways, i threw on some clothes & went to the mall. my mom got her haircut & while she was doing that my sister & i walked around the mall. i finally got the ashlee simpson cd. its hot shit. some songs remind me of hilary duff though. =/ n other people say it reminds them of avril. *shrug* whatever.

so when i got home... i talked to jonah over the phone... and then... got off the phone with him & fell asleep. the stupid thunder & lightning woke me up. then later... our new suburban rolled up in our driveway. damn its so hot that i just wanna hump it lol. its like... got a dvd player / tv with wireless headsets to listen to the sound. then we have XM radio, on star, we are getting limo tint 2morrow & when we get back from vacation my dad is buying 24's for it. awesomenesssss! omg it is so hot. so we took it over to my mom at work, and of course i got to drive, and like... mike came out with my mommy & him & i talked while mommy checked out the suburban. omg awesome. n then... i came home... then we ran out to get wendy's but i didn't eat. wasn't hungry. then i came home & watched simple life two. omg i love that show, holy shit. u f*ing rock, lol. u silly bitch. that's hot. XXX. omg baseball players are f*ing beautiful and like.... i want them so badly. nicole reminds me of my attitude.... not nice. o well. haha. i love paris. she is so cute. anyways i gotta get to bed, 2morrow is our first day of camp. haha! woot. only laura, chelsea & nikki aren't going =/ o well, me, michelle, n karen n angie will have fun. <3 bye bye
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07-22-04 8:43am

I was just reading random journals, and from reading about your life, your interests ect. all I gotta say is wise up. I'm not saying ur a bad person or anything, you're not, you're just fucking conceited! It's cool to be confident, but you're just so ditzy and perky...i mean in ur interests...BARBIE?! thongs??i like thongs too but pink thongs arent exactly one of my 'interests'.i need to brush my teeth. oh yeah anyfuck dont be ashamed of ur mom for smoking cigarettes im sure she doesnt like it either. but seriously a lot of people smoke. i smoke and i dont like it. im actually forcing myself to smoke a brand of cigarettes that i hate to help myself quit. i watch the simple life too except i forget when its on. i like nicky better shes more...i dont know the word for it. her personality, just better. ok so like i was saaying im not dissing on u or anything but u need to get over the whole brittany spears-hillary duff-pink-barbie-cheerleader-ditzy shit. you're 16. grow up.

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Re:, 07-22-04 9:01pm

.....wake up call.

conceited = i act conceited all i please in my journal ---> but i'm so shy that you would never know i existed. ----> its all in my head. As far as my interests are concerned... get over it. u at one point hadda be playing with barbies, i just happen to collect them. pink thongs = i love shopping for underwear. i know a lot of people smoke... but its disgusting, and it smells like crap, plus its just a slow form of death.... so why the hell r people doing it? nicky is awesomely funny. n i like my whole britney / hilary / pink / barbie / cheerleader / ditzy thing... i'm 16. my room is still pink, i get mistaken for 12 years old because i am short, i am a cheerleader, and i am smart as hell... i'm in no rush to grow the fuck up. in my viewpoint... i work & do school & cheer & spoil myself & hang with friends.. so i'm just fine where i am at.

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