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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-26-2004 at 11:02am
Current mood: curious
Music: i got u babe
Subject: brrrrr. i'm outta florida thank goodness. =)
heyyy people. updating this journal from ---> chicago =)

we got here sometime around 1pm yesterday. the flight was smooth. we got off... got our luggage after waiting awhile cause the luggage door was stuck & they couldnt remove the luggage from the plane. grr. but papa picked us up & we went to Nikobee's for lunch. i coulda gone for some traditional real white castle, but eh... w/e. then we went to grammy's work & looked at houses to buy. we found one we really liked, its 2 story with a basement n its b-e-a-u-tiful. i shoulda took pictures of it, but i left the camera in the car. anyways... afterwards, we went to visit uncle joey & everyone. it's chilly up here. nothing like florida. everything is made of wood & bricks... it looks like the 1970's all over again, and it felt like it too when papa was playing his oldies music in the car. but yeah.... so we went to uncle joeys... i saw little milly & maddy all grown up, they're like s0o adorable & they look like twins.... then there is matt who is 16 & acts like my brother. i find that sick, but i talked to him & his friends for awhile... i didn't find out the name of the cute boy cause he was kinda quiet, but there was courtney who is carls girlfriend, which sux cause carl is cute hehe. but matt.... idk he's like my brother... the pictures make them look cuter than they really are lol. anyways stacey should be coming home 2night or 2morrow. so i'm excited to see her. omg lil' brandon = adorable.... but he has this obsession with pitching butts. kinda scary. he pitched my butt like a million times... n it hurts lol, but he is so cute. n lil' chris is adorable too. & he's sweet & funny. auntie mary & chris are funny as hell. aunt paula is kinda weird, but she is sweet. anyways... i'm sitting here on the computer cause i am waiting for my mom to finish getting ready before we go pick up some starbucks & head to pick up auntie trixie & go to portabello's for lunch =D i just lost a ton of weight from cheerleading and i get to gain it all back. ha. nice stuff. anyways.... it is an hour earlier here than it is over by u guys in florida. =/ but i have to give jonah a call tonight, and ashley.... ur letter is in the mail <33 o it doesn't look like i can go to hollister to shop..... its farrrrr away from here. in the woodfield mall which sux. o well <3 hope u enjoy the rest of ur humid summer.... cause the rest of mine is gonna be kinda chilly, and we don't even know when we are going to be leaving here... just praying i will be home on the 7th for the orientation. <3333333
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07-26-04 4:16pm

U Better call me girl!!


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07-26-04 5:08pm

i really hope ur back for my party!!..have fun up in chicago!!..x0x0

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07-28-04 4:39am

ooh nice! have fun in Chicago!... n post pix of cute boys!! ;)


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Re:, 07-28-04 12:02pm

haha there are so many cute boys around here. but like.. i leave my camera in the car, or at home or my papa's house cause i just forget. but i hope i can get pics of them cause damnnnnnn. hehe

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