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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 8-7-2004 at 3:34am
Current mood: _hmmm_
Subject: survey!
x] The Basics [x]
Name ::: kayla
Middle name :::j***
Last name ::: b0yd
Age ::: 13
Birthday::: feb 24
Location ::: cape coral....for now
Height ::: 5'3" if i stand up straight
Eye color ::: right now
Hair color ::: auburnish
Siblings? ::: br0, 15
[x] Favorites [x]
food ::: eh...spagett0
movie ::: the nightmare bef0re christmas
group/ band ::: awr..BLINK 182!!!, nd dashboard confessional, or smile empty soul
Tv show ::: mad tv
animal ::: pupPy d0gzz
color ::: red
place to be ::: LA
store ::: h0llister
shoe brand :) :::adi0s
word ::: h0wdy!
phrase ::: h0wdy!!
Famous guy ::: johnny depp
Famous girl ::: ah..idk.. britney spears ?
boy name ::: ryan
girl name ::: kalia
pet name ::: BOOMER!
car/ truck ::: eclipse
music ::: rocK
candy ::: dammit..chocolate? idk.i love candy
gum ::: orbit cinnamint or w/e
number::: 11 er 2
lyric ::: vindicated dc
website ::: blah...woohu
drink ::: sprite
alcoholic drink ::: uhm. baileys
scent ::: my conditioner...
season ::: fall
[x] Music [x] Pick a song title for the artist
Something Corporate ::: umm..idk any something corporate songs
Yellowcard ::: way away
Green Day ::: minority..or warning
J-lo ::: uhm.. l0ve d0nt c0st a thing,,?
Bowling for Soup ::: is it girl all the bad guys want?
Missy Elliott ::: dont listen to missy elliott
Chingy ::: meh nd mias-- one call away
Outkast ::: roses?
John Mayer ::: my body is a
Britney Spears ::: everytime
Christina A. ::: genie in a bottle
Thursday ::: dunno
Aerosmith ::: dont wanna miss a thing
Bob Marley ::: dunno
Taking Back Sunday ::: uhm.. idk
Sean Paul ::: ewwwwwwwww
Ludacris ::: bl0w it 0ut ya ass
The Beach Boys ::: surfin usa
Led Zepplin ::: stairway to heavan
Santana ::: that santana song w/ michelle branch
Kelly Osbourne ::: eck. dont like her
Ozzy ::: ::sceams::
[x] Have your ever [x]
Met anyone famous ::: kevin richards0n fr0m bsb
If so who? ::: uhh...i just sed.
Kissed someone of the same sex? ::: uh..0m the cheek.
hated someone of the same sex? :::yeh
Sang in the shower ::: hell yeah
Talked to a complete stranger ::: yeah
Prank called someone ::: yep
Snuck out ::: yeah
Lied to your Parents ::: yes
Done drugs [ if so what one(s)] ::: no
Drank Alcohol ::: not really
Snuck into the movies ::: yeh
Gotten kicked out of the movies ::: almost
Stole something *tisk*tisk* ::: just something from a friend
Beat someone up ::: mia
Watched Porn ::: uhm.. suntimes meh nd mia turn 0n the tv.. nd BAM!
Ran Away ::: yeah
Gotten Arrested ::: no
Been on TV ::: n0o..?
Been in the Newspaper ::: yeh
Shot a gun ::: no
Graffiti'd something ::: not w/ spray paint, but i've written w/ pen on stuff
Made out in the rain ::: eh..sadly no
Had sex or done sexual things in a public place ::: sexual things.....?
Snuck people over your house :::mia
Stage dived ::: nope .. devin was tryin t0 get meh t0 cr0ud surf th0
Been in a mosh pit ::: heh...n0t IN one but right next t0 0ne.. like 5 times
Eaten something non edible ::: yeah
Been in the hospital ::: yeh
Been in the mental hospital ::: no...need to go to one though
Hit your parents ::: probably.. just playing tho
Written a song ::: yeah
Stalked someone ::: :-D
Gone cow tipping ::: wtf?
Made your own porno ( you freak ) ::: hmm...good idea
Skinny Dipped ::: yeh. when i was like 5
[x] Random [x]
Do you have any fetishes ::: eyes
Fears ::: spiders
Who rocks your socks? ::: BLINK!! L0OK AT THE CURS0R!
What makes your all warm and fuzzy inside ::: love?
What turns you on ::: hehe....
What are you (bi, straight, lesbian, gay ..etc..) ::: str8
Craziest thing you've done sober ::: i have to say?
Craziest thing you've done drunk ::: kayla g0ldman.. can y0u answer that f0r me? l0l ;)
Craziest thing you've done high ::: never goten high..
Do you sniff your fingers after you wipe your ass? ::: no ewww
[x] The alphabet [x] Put the first word that comes to mind for each letter: okay
A::: apple
B::: b0oty
C::: cant
D::: dashboard confessional
E::: ever
F::: fun
G::: gone
H::: high
I::: igl0o
J::: jarjar binks..?
K::: kayla
L::: lacey
M::: marsha marsha marsha!
N::: no
O::: octopus
P::: people (suck)
Q::: queer
R::: rainb0wz! ;)
S::: scream
T::: talk
U::: understand
V::: vagisil.. lma0
W::: whatever
X::: XxX
Y::: yellowcard
Z::: zebra
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08-12-04 11:02am

Hey babe im in school right now lol.Im glade we stayed on the dolfphins!!lol I miss Nikki tho..
Luv ya b

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