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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 8-16-2004 at 6:16pm
Music: Taking Back Sunday - One-Eighty by Summer
Subject: Content and tired.
Well, the warped tour was amazing, it could have been better. I got all of Taking Back Sunday's autograph's, saw them play, met all of them, and shook Adams (lead singers) hand. Hah.. nevermind it couldn't have been better.. :D What they sang: Set Phasers to Stun, Cute without the E, The Union, You're so last summer, Bonus Mosh, Pt. 2, Great Romances of the 20th Century, A Decade Under the Influence, and Number Five With a Bullet . (Maybe more, I don't recall.) Just so you know.. Adam is absolutely beautiful in person, haha.

I also saw Matchbook Romance, Sugarcult (got the lead singers autograph), Anti-Flag, met Yellowcard and got their autographs, saw some other bands.. not exactly sure who. Oh and I saw New Found Glory and Good Charlotte, which doesn't matter because well.. I kind of have this hate for them, that's putting it nicely. Yeah, anywaaay.. it was a lot of fun. And I know none of you really care.. deal with it.

There's a lot more to be said but I don't have the time or patience.

P.S. Thank you Brad. So much. Without you I wouldn't have saw Taking Back Sunday and probably would have gotten killed in that evil TBS mosh pit.
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08-17-04 12:58am

anti-flag = teh shit

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Re:, 08-17-04 10:50am


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08-17-04 2:41pm

your very welcome, i was happy to help.

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08-17-04 7:36pm

The TBS mosh pit at ours was evil, too. Except it was good because I found my way up front. woo

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