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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2004 at 12:50am
Current mood: chipper
Music: Poison - Something to Believe In
Subject: Whadya think?
The question of the night:

Should I dye my hair blonde?

So far the majority says yes. Sandra is willing to do it and add red highlights as well. It will be a pretty big jump, as my hair is currently a medium brown..I guess more on the dark side.

On another note: I made M&M cookies. And corn. It was a great combo. :-)
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09-06-04 8:52am

You're going natural?!?!

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Re:, 09-06-04 5:37pm

Not completely. It will be a bit lighter than natural. I find it mean when people tell me I will look terrible as a blond, though :(. I WAS BORN THAT WAY ;_;

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Re: Re:, 09-06-04 9:52pm

I think it will look good.

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