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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 9-25-2004 at 10:23pm
Music: Tears for Fears - Mad World
Subject: Cunts..
I have a few things to say.

I honestly don't understand any of you.

I don't have to explain myself to anyone. And I won't.

It's not your buisness.
It doesn't affect you.
I'm sick of your non-stop need for gossip.

The only reason any of you care is because of the gender. You pretend people can't just be friends. I am allowed to have one of my best friends be a guy, as much as he is allowed for one of his best friends to be a girl.

Get the fuck over it.


Oh and if you're one of the many who wants to make this world a better place and keeps saying, "Someone has to do something about it." Quit talking about how someone should and you fucking do it already.

Stop talking about it.
Stop pretending you know what's going on.

And please, stop fucking talking about me. I'm sick of it, and sick of you.

I'd be absolutely floored if even one of you actually said something to my face. Come on, surprise me bitches.

I guess everyone just needs something/someone to talk about, huh?

I can't believe I trusted you. You entirely take for granted that I could trust you. Throwing around these chat logs, telling people what I said. Where do you get off thinking it's ok? I can't believe you'd do that. Especially after a few days we got over a fight.

Out of all the people. You truly dissapoint me.

Fuck you.
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09-26-04 12:56am

im glad you can tell these bastards off. i try not to bother with it. but you do a very good job of it i must say stacy cain.


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09-26-04 1:22am

yeah, I think the same way

I don't get into other peoples shit cause it isn't my business and I don't like other people getting into my shit cause it isn't any of their business

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Re:, 09-26-04 1:32am


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09-26-04 2:55pm

I hate when people show other people chatlogs. Once a girl printed out a friends only woohu entry and showed it to her friends.

The thing where you said "The only reason any of you care is because of the gender," I totally thought you were about to come out of the closet when I first read this.

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Re:, 09-26-04 9:22pm

Haha.. I'm not coming out of the closet..


Har har har.

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09-26-04 4:20pm

i love you!! i cant see why people would say things like that..nick is my bestest guy friend and i'm not cheatin on chad...i understand what your goin through

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Re:, 09-26-04 7:08pm

Justin is my best guy friend, and mindy got all pissed and her and her friends thought there was something going on between him and i..

mother fuckers and their accusations.

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Re: Re:, 09-26-04 9:21pm

Yeah.. and sadly out of all people Justin doesn't understand..

*shakes head*

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Re:, 09-26-04 9:24pm

I know. People are so fucking stupid. People are best friends because they get along, have a lot in common, and have fun together.. but I guess everyone is stuck with their elementary school mentality and doesn't understand a girl and a guy can be best friends.

Anyway.. I love yoouuu Jennnyyy.

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09-26-04 8:04pm

Im gonna say something to your face.......


but actually I have nothing bad cuz your a bad ass kid

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Re:, 09-26-04 9:25pm

You fucking rock too, Liz.

And I'll say that to yo face, haha.

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09-26-04 11:14pm

fuck off bitches.

stacy, you know that nothing happens between you and bradley as well as i do.
i'd vouch for you anyday of the week.

motherfuckers, mind your own shit. no one asked you.

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Re:, 09-26-04 11:17pm

"no one asked you"


Not their fucking lives.

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Re: Re:, 09-27-04 6:02pm

Some people get all hyped up about it, because brad's cheated before..

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Re: Re: Re:, 09-27-04 7:08pm

Hey, fuck you Rachel.

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Re: Re: Re:, 09-27-04 8:45pm

Then that's their problem..

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Re: Re: Re: Re:, 09-27-04 8:58pm


I wasn't saying I get hyped up about it. And I'm not saying that you are cheating on her. Or that you have any intention to.. You are allowed to have friends of the opposite sex.

Look at me, 85 percent of my friends are guys. And I haven't cheated, or plan too...

and yeah, I have no point to this anymore..

It made me sad seeing Kelly crying. But when I saw her at the dance, she was happy, and she was with you. And that makes me happy.. :)

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