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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 10-21-2004 at 8:14am
Current mood: crushed
Music: me & em singing tbs . .

Hey guys .. been SOO long since ive updated.. well not much news .. i go to mariner high now =] and im still with nick <33 7 months & still counting .. today is field day ! and hawaiin day ! =] cuz its homecoming week hehe . . im not sure if im goin to homecoming or not . . n e ways . . thats about it ..

Now I'm lying on the table
with everything you said
keep that in mind the way that it felt
when the most I could do was to just blame myself
remember more than you'de like to forget
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La La La, 10-22-04 8:23am

So wear me like a locket
Around your throat
I`ll weigh you down
I`ll watch you choke
You look so good in blue
You look so good in blue !

My Faveorite Songg By :: Fallout boy - - Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner...

<3. Coconut Head < - - Emily
i love schmuck

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Re: La La La, 10-29-04 8:40am

y did u even post that in my journal.. u love shmuck ? oook thxxx <

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hey`, 10-22-04 12:13pm

hey babe !! --> thats myy song!! mah boyfriend learnd that song for me, and his bands gonna play it at laceys party when i get there.. my favorite song. =) omahgawd i love you <3


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Re: hey`, 10-24-04 11:31am

lol . . aww i met ur boyfriend =] =] hes so cuute ! & i love that song almost as much as i love uuuuU!!!

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12-30-04 8:34pm

how did you get the stitch border? i really like it =)

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Re:, 02-23-05 8:42am

thank you . um IM me on beachbumm389 and ill send you the codes =]

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