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serenity (profile) wrote,
on 10-29-2004 at 1:41pm
Current mood: relaxed
Subject: 9/8/04 - 10/27/04
"You're so artificially gay." - Chris Knoll

"Watch me deepthroat this." - Jamie Hentig

"It could be like a domino effect and then you're spraying someone with acid." - Mr. Vree

"I wish I had more brains in my head." - Lorrie Shelton

"Hold on, lemme find it." *reaches in pants, pulls out strings* "These are my peter tassels." - Jake Mellema

"I look like a chinese vampire with Down Syndrome." - Stephanie Lewis

"If I had a pile of coke, I'd fuck it. My dick would be so numb." - James Golden

"If you say one more thing about my poop, I'm gonna pray you get it and poop all over yourself." - Lorrie Shelton

"Is there a rule against doing cartwheels in the hallway? I didn't see that in the fricken agenda." - Mishy Fraser

"I feel so comfortable and free like a tampon commercial." - Josh Aungst

"I don't want to go to school. I have no legs. Kate has no legs." - Stacy Cain

"She has enormous sweater puppets." - Jake Mellema

"Genital cats." - Jake Mellema

"Hey Tom, can I poop in your mouth?" - Jay Ruster

Cremation is the best way to confirm that you won't come back as the undead." - Ben Rector

"Ya ever heard chipmunks having sex?" - Steven Tefft

"Wanna eat my babies?" - Stephanie Lewis

"Can we stop talking about masturbation for just one minute?" - Mitch Armstrong

"Why are your hands so red?" - ?
"She just killed someone, retard." - Marty Bonomini

"At what point do you say, 'holy crap, I have to eat a pencil'?" - Tom Maynard
"When a beaver has a gun held to your head." - Sarah Cohen

"Portuguese people in Italy speaking french with spanish subtitles. It's a romantic language spectacular!" - Sarah Cohen

"Christmas chicken nuggets and penis." - Steve Tefft
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10-29-04 2:53pm

Haha, I love Ben Rector. He's so funny to listen to.

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Re:, 10-30-04 11:45pm

yeah, ben rector was in my current events class last year. Ask his opinon on Nasa, it's fun!

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10-29-04 2:55pm

yeah, that's not very many. You should just blame us for not being quotable though.

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10-29-04 4:00pm

hah. I never remember saying anything until i read it. :) moreeeee

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10-29-04 4:18pm

"I feel so comfortable and free like a tampon commercial." - Josh Aungst

that bastard took my saying

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11-26-04 1:42am

man kate, you've missed way too many good quotes from me. sad sad sad.


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