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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 11-4-2004 at 11:47pm
Current mood: not too bad
Music: Skid Row - Remember Yesterday
Subject: Great fucking song.
Things are starting to look up people. i guess i just got an offer from Mr. Hazel to live with him. that would be awesome. but i'm gonna talk to him tomorrow and see about all of that. i now have a couple ways i am gonna get the $300 for court. but its gonna take some hard work. its a drag always being completely broke. but i guess im making my own way. in soon time, im going to prove to all of you that i can make it on my own. im not dissing on anyone or anything, but i bet a majority couldnt have gone this long without parents or anyone around for help all the time. i mean, ive had help..but ive had to find it on my own. it has been hard living without parents for so long. but shits getting better. and just for referance...if you're going to say something about what i just said..about no parents and shit..keep your mouth shut because i could really care what you have to say. thats just for anyone who wants to start shit about all that. anyway, saturday im going with nate on a double date kind of thing. going to the mall and out to eat and stuff. that should be fun. its not necessarely a date but some people might consider it that. im thinking this weekend will be pretty fun. but ill see you all tomorrow at the end of the school day, i got some shit to do in the morning in cedar so ill be around. i had this talk with someone earlier, about music and whatnot. i wanna know who agree's with me here.
Skid Row
Motley Crew
L.A. Guns
Guns and Roses
These are a few of the greatest bands in the history of music. tell me if you agree with me here. there's more but, the 80's rock...there's nothing better. all the shit we listen to now, these were most likely inspiration to tons of them. i guess i just feel like causing some music controversy. anyway, tell me what you think. see all of you later.

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11-05-04 10:31am

Guns and Roses deff. is a good band.

i need to talk to you though..

nothing serious.. kinda cool...

it has to do with yearbook and such.. we want to use some of your artwork cuz its all so kick ass, but i'll let you know the details.

im not gonna tell you to hang in there because you've already proved how strong you are. but i'm thinking of you just like all your other friends. and i have faith that it'll get better.


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Re:, 11-06-04 11:39am

thanks erika. yeah, i'd like to use my artwork in the yearbook. i need someway to leave my mark on this school.

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11-05-04 3:26pm

hair bands = teh shit.

this shit now, is just that.... shit.

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Re:, 11-06-04 11:44am


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11-08-04 8:41am

i couldn't have made it on my own.
most definately.

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