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kangabunny (profile) wrote,
on 11-21-2004 at 5:45am
Current mood: awake
Music: Bizarre Love Triangle//Depeche Mode
Subject: know what makes them happy? the things that make you sad
This is a dream
Indescribable beats.

I doubt this will ever be read :P. I won't bother to see how ridiculous my last post here was, yet.

Nothing will stop me.
I love.

I can understand you, all of you. I simply like finding happiness, solace, and creation... it's better. It really is, sometimes. A lot.

We can smile together, I promise. The rifts are still there, yes, but some of them curve and laugh at you...

Passion. The end.
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03-18-05 10:05am

hah.. what a fun abandoned journal! omgg forget my password...AHH JUST KIDDING so i see thsi isnt live journal..


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Re:, 09-21-05 12:08pm

what the crap?

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10-03-05 11:43pm

We've all just... abandoned woohu. It's a little depressing :) I've come back to read my past thoughts and yours as well. Beautiful as they've always been. I haven't talked to you in some time... maybe I will soon.

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Re:, 10-04-05 12:55am

I miss you.

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01-18-07 12:16am

Kangabunny! Where have you gone?

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Re:, 01-18-07 12:49am

Crazy places

I think about you from time to time...
remember when we made all those plans?


talking to you
that would be the *coolest* O_O

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