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kelso263 (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2004 at 6:33am
Welcome to your cstv morning announcements for december 7th, 2004.

*licks lips*

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12-07-04 6:37am


*looks down the ENTIRE time*

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12-07-04 1:21pm

yeah, i did notice that.

but, all in all, they looked really really good.

i'm just so glad that you guys are successfully doing this, so i don't have to anymore.

and i mean. it's not a bad thing. and you can have fun with it. but after awhile it just gets old

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12-07-04 9:19pm

Haha. I shouldn't laugh; I lick my lips a lot, too.

At least you didn't make any weird slurpy noises when you licked your lips. Hah, that would've been a kick in the ass.

I'd never be able to do announcements. So, good job. :o)

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