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elektragamblin (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2004 at 11:19pm
Current mood: Pissed
Music: Crossfade - Cold
Subject: Spyware=Death
When I go to college I am going to learn everything I can about backtracking sources that are downloaded into your computer from things like Spyware and Adware, and I'm going to find a way to backtrace all the way back to the damn harddrive that created it.

Then I am going to send a virus to said harddrives and -FRY- them.

And when I say fry, I aint talking about chicken legs.

I had so much crap on here the layers on my compter were having holes drilled into them everytime I opened a new window.


I just lost 3 hours that could have been used to write the 6 page paper I was already supposed to be done with.

Now I have like....37 minutes to write it


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12-15-04 3:33am

Spybot: Search & Destroy.
AVG virus scanner.

This be the only reason my comp not dead. XD

Though, it's on it's last legs as it is..

If you have any spare money, put it towards the "Get Keri a Kickass New Dell Computer" fund, please. XD I want a pretty new compie..! I'm going to DIE trying to transfer all my files over. XD

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Re:, 12-15-04 3:35am

I need a new Compy too....daddy was supposed to get me one.......I can't even do my own damn -payed- job from this computer.....but apparently taking mom's computer away from her for 3-4 hours every 3-4 days during the summer is the perfect solution


*whacks daddy*

And yesh...Spybot S&D is the great giver of all things ^^


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