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skife (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2004 at 12:32am
rocked the den tonight.

we joined a pub server. death match, we held the top 5 places our lowest being 30 kills ahead of the one beneith him.

we definatally rocked the pubs and den tonight.
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12-19-04 10:54am

Even the Buttery Bastard Mrs.Butterworth did good. Props to Matt.

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Re:, 12-19-04 11:10am

also props to my brother, in that one game it was all of ROF then my brother under us, then from then on everyone else.

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12-19-04 12:22pm

I wish i could have been there. I need a job so i can not miss out so much

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12-20-04 3:02am

"mrs.buttersworth, get to the stairs!!!"

followed by insane amounts of laughing from the situation.

good times.

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