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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 12-25-2004 at 3:47pm
Music: Switchfoot - You
I got a lot of socks..
like eight pairs.

That's about it.
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12-25-04 4:49pm

At least your feet will be warm

don't forget the barbie either

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Re:, 12-25-04 4:52pm

Yeah, if I wear ALL of them at the same time maybe.

I won't forget the nigger, don't worry.

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12-25-04 6:41pm

omg i got a lot of socks this year too! crazy... lol.


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12-26-04 11:33am

the socks i got are neat :)

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12-27-04 1:55am

STACY! *cries* i need you right now! where are you lately?!

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Re:, 12-28-04 10:31am

I'm here all the time, hah. We should hang out tomorrow.. let me know what you're doing.

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