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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2005 at 9:43pm
Music: Big n Rich - Holy Water
Hey! I had fun in Tennessee...I don't really feel like typing it all. If you look at Shama and Tabi's...I did the exact same things except play monopoly cuz yeah I was talkin to Kim in a different room. I did have a bad wreck. It hurt worse than last years go-kart wreck. Last year Cody wrecked me into the wall so he could pass me and I got stuck...and my hand was bleeding :(. This year I guess Patty wrecked David and so David was facing me head on...and I hit him going 40 mph. That's fast for a lil go-kart...haha. My knee looks depressing. Even tho I had fun I'm glad to be home.
Neways....2day was freakin awful. I threw up like 7-8 times b4 10 in the yeah of course I didnt go to school. I still feel like crap. Bobbi said I didn't miss much at school...thank God. Hopefully I can go to school 2morrow. If I feel like I feel now..I prolly won't be able to go. Theres an away ballgame 2morrow...I doubt I'll be able to go to that cuz if I go to school...I'll barely make it then. But Yeah...i'm gonna go cuz I feel like I'm having major hot flashes :(...Be depressed for me guys!! Well I love you all...and Happy 2005!! *or not...haha :( *
Bye Bye!!!

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01-04-05 2:01am

hope ya get better soon huni bunches lol!!

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01-07-05 11:31pm

Hey Jennay i loves ya!!!! :) im glad u had fun down in Tn. we had a good convo over in the different room while they was playing monopoly... welps im guesing u probly feel better by now but im still sickish :( all the sadness lol welps Loves ya *Kimmay*

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