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unbleachedblond (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2005 at 11:17pm
Current mood: contemplative
scottie shared a story in his journal that made me really look down deep at my life. i try to make my life as busy as possible, between work and school and partying and hanging out with friends, but realistically, im just trying to hide the fact that my life lacks any substance whatsoever. my life is one of kajillians in this tiny little atmosphere, and instead of attempting to better the world we live in, i selfishly think only of myself. im like the younger man and his heart. i take pride in my perfect little heart, rather than sharing parts of it with others as the older man did. maybe that should be my new year's resolution: to somehow impact the world, or at least someone's life. and i dont need recognition - no, i dont want recognition - i just want to possess some sort of meaning in my life. i dunno. its hard tho cuz its one of those things that you cant look for, nor prepare for. *sigh* i dunno. maybe someday my purpose will be made clear to me.
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01-10-05 10:06pm

You have meaning, or that story would not have made you think.

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