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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2005 at 10:42pm
Current mood: hyper
Music: Beyonce & J* Crazy In Love
yo.. I met a boy from Northern.. he's great.. lol and why dont i have any friends that fuckin CALL me to you guys! I only love.. James, Justin, Todd, Gary, Kiely, and Chris

uhm i was gonna go out.. DAMN THE SNOW!! my fingers are sore and it hurts to jus updating to update.. i love my guys and i only am in like with 2 guys... yes I'm intrigued by Amir hehe...B..and Gigi!!! bye! im talking freaky with my men..need to focus lol


brownbabid0ll (10:18:44 PM): yooo i really laughed out loud when i read ya comment in my jawn
brownbabid0ll (10:18:46 PM): i started cryin
xXebOny214Xx (10:18:53 PM): lol
xXebOny214Xx (10:19:11 PM): =D
brownbabid0ll (10:19:12 PM): but ur riteee
xXebOny214Xx (10:19:20 PM): the first day i was really disappointed
xXebOny214Xx (10:19:26 PM): i was like.. whyy are they all ugly
brownbabid0ll (10:19:32 PM): but each time we go they get cuter and cuter!! lolllllllllllllllllllllll
brownbabid0ll (10:19:34 PM): yes yes yes
brownbabid0ll (10:19:49 PM): and now its like.. :-) next week we'll be like :-D
xXebOny214Xx (10:20:21 PM): lol
xXebOny214Xx (10:20:22 PM): i know right
brownbabid0ll (10:20:30 PM): haha
brownbabid0ll (10:20:34 PM): yes im intrigued
brownbabid0ll (10:20:47 PM): but dey did seem FUGLY lol
xXebOny214Xx (10:20:54 PM): but they're seriously getting cuter
brownbabid0ll (10:20:56 PM): i was thinkin "damn..long 10 weeks"
xXebOny214Xx (10:20:59 PM): lol
brownbabid0ll (10:21:04 PM): maybe they tryin to look cuter for us now that they noe we there
xXebOny214Xx (10:21:04 PM): like, im missing class for thiss
brownbabid0ll (10:21:08 PM): yes!!!
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RV BOYS/CALLS, 01-22-05 11:29pm

lol yall so crzy. i will try to call sum more. that program is suppose to be for education. it aint no datin hook up service. ya nasties. lol. but hey if u gettin pleasure..uh oh get it get it. lol. ok imma go.

call ya lata.

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Re: RV BOYS/CALLS, 01-23-05 5:43pm

that's my only motivation since I dont wanna be an engineer.. =D thanks for being a friend and commenting lol


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