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biodomer (profile) wrote,
on 1-26-2005 at 3:42pm
Current mood: cheerful
Subject: I'll Just Dive Right in, and Pretend Like I Know What I'm Doing...
So, I'll get past all the, "I'm new! Ahhh! The lights are so bright! Help!" sort of stuff. I'm already starting to get the hang of it. Its extremely user-friendly. Which I like.

Well, today I bought the School House rock Collection on video. I love School House Rock. My friends think im a loser.
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01-26-05 7:58pm

You new, Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love having new people again.

Make Sure you post early and often.

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yay!, 01-27-05 6:31pm

i have friends???!!! wo0t! go me! ^__^


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01-27-05 7:48pm

w3rd and welcome

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01-30-05 10:51am

Thats Andy for ya. Always looking out for his user community.

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