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crazydimbohead (profile) wrote,
on 2-6-2005 at 7:29pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: lil jon and the eastside boys feat. usher - lovers and friends
Subject: ....?
i hate being sick. i love my angel (my kitty). i hate how i got grounded. i want to cry. i need someone. i want someone. i have a wonderful friend. i like this guy and mostly everyone knows it-but i dont know. this song [NIN-Something I Can Never Have] brings back so many memories. KaCey. Deppression. Phillip. Jake. Guys. Life. Music. ........... i just typed what was on my mind.... so sorry if it doesnt make since......?
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02-12-05 7:52am


I just randomly got to this journal and read that about Something I Can Never Have and I was thinking.. hah, that reminds me of Phillip.. not your Phillip, but this guy I know that left.. and.. yeah. Random. Just felt like mentioning it because it was sorta weird when I read Phillip there. lol.

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Re:, 02-13-05 1:32am

lol.. i had to read that more than once to understand it.. it confused me.. but oh well.. yeah that was completly random.. but hey- thats what makes life interesting! lol - im always random with people.. we could be talking about something and i say something completly out of the blue.. lol
well nice to hear from u.. its always nice to hear from someone n meet new people..

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