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amazighstarrynights (profile) wrote,
on 3-8-2005 at 6:40pm
So we're about 2 weeks into the semester and I have a slightly crazy English professor. I decided I will share some of his best classroom comments with you.

"You get two people of different cultures together and they do two things; 1) start swapping words; 2) start having sex."

"Everyday conversation is an absolute miracle"

"Isn't that interesting" Which he repeats about 100 times per hour and fifteen minute class.

"100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 enough to make you want to drink a lot of beer."

This little quote is from my British professor of International Conflict - so picture it with the accent. We were talking about what the US says to other countries now that the world is uni-polar and we are the superpower:

"You tell the UK, Germany, and Russia you're going to do what you want. You don't like it....stuff it."

The semester continues. I had a college dems meeting tonight and was asked to help run a city council election campaign...hmmm let's see where I can add that in... I dunno.
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02-08-05 8:02pm

Hahaha stuff it. I love when male Brits discuss diplomacy.

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nice job for an amateur ;-), 02-11-05 2:23am

i love quotes! and those were particularly fabulous. do you remember my quote page? i really need to update it soon, i have lots of good material.

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Re: nice job for an amateur ;-), 02-11-05 8:23am

Of course I remember your quote page - Danielle and I got through some tough days by reading those and laughing! Get on the updates geeez!

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