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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 2-23-2005 at 7:37am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: my chemical romance . && mr . sadds country music playing lol
Subject: wow its been fooorever !!
wow i havnt updated since OCTOBER! no one reads woohu anymore but oh well im bored in computer class . well alot has happened since my last update, far far too much to explain . this journal brings back so many memories of last year . i have grown up so much since then .. =\

49 hours and 46 minutes ago
but whose counting
i just thought, I'd let you know
I filled my head with your voice.
And now I'm drowning
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Hah.... Nap0lean d0nt be jeal0us becuhz ive been talking t0 h0t babes 0nline allllll day. ;], 02-25-05 12:45pm

heck yess !
were such gangstaaaaas ! hah. i`m s0o glad that we have a class t0gether ! hah.... and the same 0ne that we can write in a j0urnal =] except s0opid w0ohu had t0 be all lame and make it payy =[ and its the 0nly j0urnal site we can get t0 in sch0ol =[. well i g0tta g0. i l0ve y0u bubbbb !!!

<3 Em

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Re: Hah.... Nap0lean d0nt be jeal0us becuhz ive been talking t0 h0t babes 0nline allllll day. ;], 02-28-05 8:33am

i can get you a w0ohu if you want so we can post and comment while we are in this class . i miss you :( your not in school today and im all by m yself - theres a sub. and were not doing anything im just lookin up lyrics .. well ttyl i love you !

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03-03-05 11:00am

ayy babe .
i kinda miSs wo0hu .
maybee itll cum baCk in stylle .
i knew howda dO layOutz on here .
i miss you .

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03-14-05 5:56pm

k totally sound retarded
BUT i dont know how to do this yet
how do you get different colored font in your journals and moving and crossed out and bigger and stuff?
thanks a ton! <3 :)

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04-24-05 11:48am

I lvoe woohu. i miss woohu.

no .. i mis syou . no .. i miss us .

we should start writing in these again.

And not let ppl read em, so we can be like before.

and actualy write about stuff ya know.

i miss u britt . i really really do . ='(

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Re:, 08-17-05 3:28pm


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