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jburt1 (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2005 at 3:56pm
Slightly stressed out, completely undersexed, suffering from a chronic cold, unmotivated, lacking energy, fed up, skipping class, cramming, swapping notes, being unproductive, constant want of entertainment, missing chocolate, random boners, need to work out, taking naps, taking more naps, avoiding homework, avoiding studying, eating late at night, talking online, checking my email way too much, fantasizing, zoning out, missing people, trying to connect, fearing the silence, fearing next year, not wanting to grow up.
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02-24-05 6:09pm

i think everyone is undersexed. i keep sleeping because it is the only way anything goes how i want it to, and i keep checking my emails hoping to hear from kelly but no dice.

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03-01-05 8:42am

welcome to the wonderful world of life. if u ever need to talk im here - and i l still love ya despite your imperfections :)

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