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unbleachedblond (profile) wrote,
on 3-1-2005 at 8:40am
Current mood: okay
good morning.

~today is my amanda's 19th birthday.
~i went to the casino with $5 and brought home $85. the girls did good. melissa came with $40 and brought home $100; morgan came with $20 and brought home $750(!!!); and ashley made $1. the guys were pissed cuz they decided to play tables instead of slots and they all lost between $40-$60. o well, it was a lot of fun. but i most definately can see how somebody can get addicted to it. it was kinda sad too to see how some ppl are so determined. i mean, the place was packed the entire time we were there - and we were there from 2am-5am. and it was packed.
~i work 31 hours this week
~im going to donate plasma today

i think thats all for my random thoughts. i hope everyone has a nice day. drive safe!
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03-03-05 3:52am

what are you donating plasma for? Tell Amanda happy belated birthday from me!!!

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