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frumpy (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2005 at 10:53pm
Current mood: high
Subject: I'm nobody's little weasel
Hope no one minds if I squee for a little bit, but:

OMG SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!1~<3<3 <3333

Today was a good day. That's all.


p.s., why we're already the most retarded ever:

him: omg I have an evil genius for a girlfriend... what have I gotten my self into!
her: eeeeeevil!!!!
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03-30-05 8:03pm

^-^ *squeels-* You two are so increadibly cute together!!! What do your parents think?? EH?!

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Re:, 03-30-05 10:32pm

kid tested, mother (and father) approved! :D

yay for being adorable! ^3^

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