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chuckitatthewall (profile) wrote,
on 4-4-2005 at 10:35pm
Stupid crap has happened that is really annoying and mean and horrible.
My sister is evil. This weekend she said that she will never come over to our house again because we have issues. I know we have issues but so does she therefore she has no right to say that. It hurts. I called her today because thats what my phsycologist (Sp) said to do. So I told her that I really missed her and how much it was hurting me never to be able to see her. I even read her some stuff that I wrote in my paper journal. I wrote her a letter in there that I never mailed because it was more of a letter that was helping me organize my feelings about the whole situation. The letter talks about how we used to have so much fun and I mentioned the things we used to do and talk about, our deep bond that we had that was broken because of her. Its so awful feeling like she hates me. Enough people hate me as it is. Why should my sister hate me too? In the letter I wrote "I hate feeling like I have dropped to the bottom your list people you love." I read her that and she said "Marilyn, you know that you haven't dropped to the bottom of my list but things are going on that you can't understand." Its stinking ridiculous. I'm old enough to understand a lot of things but she doesn't know me anymore so she doesn't realize that I am smart and mature for my age when I need to be. Its so frustrating. She hardly knows anything about me anymore because she doesn't bother to find out. I try to find out about her by asking questions but there really isn't anything to know because everything about her is on the surface. What you see with her is what you get and I hate it like that. This summer she said that we do will do more things together but I know thats a lie. Last summer, when she wasn't pregnant (well barely pregnant), we only saw eachother twice because she was always busy. Busy doing what? I don't know. I'll never have a clue what she does in that fucked up house of hers that really isnt hers. Its James' parents house that is on the property of their other house and bigass recycling company thing. I wish I could dive into her brain and untange it so that I can figure out what is wrong with her so I can tell everyone else so they can help her. Oh this feeling is truly horrible.

Other things. Cynthia's mom is mean because she won't pay for their cat to go to the vet for its sickness. That makes me sad.

I'm depressed or something. I dunno. I keep crying for no reason or for stupid reasons. I started crying because of the cat thing and then I was in the middle of doing math that I didn't get and I almosted started crying cause I didn't get it. Damnit. It sucks. I hate being sad and not being able to control it. In fact, just talking about it chokes me up. I just wanna write this in here because I don't feel like putting it on paper so shut up if you find my talking about crying annoying. Don't read it! Anyway, while I was talking to Monica I started crying just because I missed her. Just in the middle of when she was talking I started crying. Its fucking screwed up. This has been going on for like 2 months now. Well..actually since February around the time of the baby shower but not as bad then. I realized that I really have a bad example of what a good mother/ daughter relationship should be. I had to ask Mary because I started to think it was normal for you not to talk to your mother or even family every week. How pathetic! Thats so screwed up too. My mom hates her mom. Monica hates mom. I love mom. I guess I'm the one with the issues, right? When you move out you are supposed to talk to your family every day or every couple of days at the very least because you need them. Never adopt your husband/boyfriend's family because whether or not you want to admit it, you need your own flesh and blood a lot. You need their support and their love more than someone else's family's love and support.

I just hope things change....
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04-09-05 10:07pm

What she said about you not understanding things really pisses me off. You can understand things. And at the least, she can try to explain it to you so that you can understand. Next time she says something like that, yell at her. That really makes me mad. If she was my sister and she thought I was so incompetent (I like that word. it's a nice word) that every time I asked her about why she's acting like a jerk she treats me like a child and says i wouldn't understand, I think I'd end up yelling at her to explain it to me and to see whether I understand or not. And even then maybe that it's not even that you can't understand, it's that her feelings are wrong. That doesn't make sense. It's that she's wrong for feeling that way, which makes it hard for many people to understand them. Does that make more sense? I hope it does. So maybe in reality she's the one that doesn't understand that life's too short for petty differences to make someone as mad as she is at her own mother.

And you don't have issues when it comes to loving your mom. I love my mom lots and like spending time with her when I can. It's a good thing to have, I think. Now it's gotten so common that the typical teenage girl is supposed to hate their mothers. That's what girls expect when they become our age, I think, so they begin to move away or something. It kinda sucks. But I like my mom and I think it's better to have your mom as a friendly type person than as an enemy. It makes life a whole lot easier to deal with at this poopy period in time.

Anyway, tootles!

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