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elektragamblin (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2005 at 11:57am
Current mood: amused
Music: none
Subject: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD was actually kind of fun....o.o
(although considering it's lunch...I'm technically not done)

Comp II was funny XD, we had to a free write, and mine was about toy's I will never get rid of. I used Byrdie for the paper ^^ XDD
And then joe made us all read our now the entire class knows I snuggles with a blue and green elephant


<3 Byrdie

it was funny though, cause I had a bunch of comments in there about how everyone would snuggle with Byrdie if they had one (though they'd never admit it) and how anyone who does not like snuggling with soft fuzzie things needs to call a doctor emmediatly, cause there has to be something wrong with you

*had fun* ^^

AK Studies was halarious and seriously annoying at the same time o.o

Halarious because Jack was subbing for Allie, and was doing joint teaching, so he kept making comments about how he was Allie, then Jack. XD, it was also funny because Casey and I were beating on Cody because he was being his usual idiotic irritating and infuriating self, and Jack would pretend he didn't see anything, and Cody would complain and Jack wold be all like "Who did what? I didn't see anything, I just saw a bunch of kids rehearsing their script!" *cough* XDD And Cody was saying Casey and I should be hussies in the play...*-.- whack* and Jack started making comments about how Cody was the play's Hussie

<3333333333333333333333333 Jack


Advisory was also (amazingly o.O) entertaining today.......usually all we do is sit around and do nothing, except complain about doing nothing, of course..XD. But today, we had to all get weighed and get our height taken because the ASD is "going to start keeping track of OBM" (obesity) And we all started talking about how much of a freak I was because I weigh less than all the girls in the room. (every girl in the room besides me and Kerry are short railroad tracks) I find my lack of weight to be scary considering my big fat hips =p XD. And of course we started talking about how stupid the ASD was, because weight doesn't mean anything (obviously, I mean come on, Amy, who is at least 4 1/2 inches shorter than me, and is as wide as a stick weighed almost 20 more pounds than me o.O) And it was the parent's fault their kids were obese, and there wasn't really anything the ASD could do about it....and then Amy got reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaally hyper...and started bouncing around in her chair and talking about how everyone was awake and happy today because it's "sunny Sunny SUNNY!!!" as she put it, XD. And then, when there were 2 minutes left before lunch...she started singing, XD.

"Oh it's -2- minutes, I took 2 whole minutes for your present...yeah it feels so good to buy your present...and it only took 2 whole minutes!! "

She was still singing as we left...XDDDDD

<3 Amy

*randome quotes from this morning*

"Wow Sheri, you sound like you were talking to a councellor"

"well you're the one who told him to write about the man who got a pole stuck through him!"

"ok, so that was Allie-" *twirls around* "And this is jack! Ok, so today we're..."

XDDDDD <3 Jack..*cough*

"I could be Stinky Pete!" Chorus: "NO!"

"And you could be writing about the Hussie!" *points to cody*

(<3 Jack, XD)

"Did you have Cocoa Puff's for breakfast Amy!?!? o.o"

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04-21-05 6:20pm

Damn straight they'd huggle Byrdie if they had one! Or a Butter, because Butter is pwnage, too.

..I want to meet Amy. XD


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Re:, 04-21-05 6:23pm

*huggles teh byrdie*

Softy-ness ^^


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