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unbleachedblond (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2005 at 1:41pm
Current mood: blah
im very perplexed.

the whole religion issue thoroughly pisses me off. i believe in the existence of god. why must i attend a church every sunday just to prove to everyone that i am going? it's bullshit. if only i could find a church that is accepting of everyone, that wont condemn me for who i am. but no, that wont happen until i move out. which i cant afford to do.

riley's visitation was yesterday. i couldnt go because i had to work. he wasnt a "permenent" ts guy, but he showed up a lot. fremont is absolutely torn apart. but when tragedys like this occur, we all come together as one. still, he will be sorely missed.

even tho i can technically get my license back on june 24, i probably wont. id have to pay between $150-200 to the govt jus to get it back and then turn around and drop $2031 for insurance. i cant afford - well i can but i dont want to drop four grand a year on plpd. it aint worth it. and plus, if i wait til at least jan, i wont have to be on restricted for 6 months. i just dont know.

i hate relationships. they suck. and as usual, it's me. not them, me. im the one who loses interest and gets bored and tired of it all. i mean, sure petey's a nice guy and all, but im just tired of it. i dunno. i guess im jus ready to move on. but he actually really likes me. he practically adores the ground i walk on. but i jus cant bear to hurt him. but by not telling him how i feel, im hurting him anyways.its a lose-lose situation. i should just become a nun so i wont have this problem.

on a more pleasant note, i did fairly well on my exams, i had a really good shave and i get to spend the day with my mommy and hailey!
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04-26-05 10:06pm

That's great! I havn't had a really good shave in a long time!

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