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mle (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2005 at 8:18pm
Current mood: . in the middle .
Music: . 19 wheels . i want you here .
. everything's winding down... kind of .

tomorrow is the last day of classes for this semester. bout fricken time! but at the same time, i'm so not ready for my finals in 2 of my classes. it least i only have one a day, and it goes easy-hard-easy-(day off)-hard. i'm actually moving home next wednesday, and just driving back out to state for my friday exam. then saturday night i managed to sneak some floor tickets for the green day/my chemical romance show. kickass. i've been to very few big concerts, and green day was actually my first big one back when they came w/ blink. i've never been on the floor for a big one (well, goo goo dolls- but that was totally different). stoked as hell. marcus and i are going to camp-out all afternoon downtown, so please come visit us in line haha. then the next morning we leave for amsterdam/italy. go ahead, be jealous. :)

i just got out of my passdown dinner with the wonders hall staff. yup, not only am i officially the vp of students for life, but i'm also going to be a mentor (RA at other colleges). next year is going to be even crazier than this one, let me tell you...

i'm just wasting time until i have to dd for my sister and all of her student teacher friends, so i'm going to blabber some more :)

i'm going to focus on other silly, positive things. because i don't need to be thinking about all the bad crap right now.

like coming home
god damn, i can't wait.
i'm going to call up like every person in my phone book as soon as i get back from italy (only the best of the best will get my time next week). well, i mean as soon as i recover from the wisdom teeth.. so not until the end of may. but i'm stoked. i never thought i'd miss high school or the people in it. i couldn't have been more wrong. christmas break was a total blast, and i have good feelings about this summer too. work is making it complicated (if i have a job, that is...) but i don't even care. grand rapids, i fucking love you. i can't wait for coffee downtown, local bands, the beach, rollerblading on the ghetto trails, making my own food, planning my room for next year and all the fun stuff i'm going to do w/ my residents...
i don't think i shared with you all my goal for the summer:
become cultured
:) well, moreso than i am now. i'd say i'm pretty worldly, but i mean, i'm going high class. how, you ask?

become european

haha. just kidding. here's the game plan:
- continue addiction to cnn
- perfect my espresso-drink-making capabilities
- read newspaper/do the crossword daily
- regularly work on my photo skillz
- plant (and maintain!) my own garden
- go to a real yoga class (*not* my dvd!)
- visit museums and admire art
- search for some classical music to use for the background when studying
- tackle my mondo reading list (suggestions always welcome!)
- find some artsy wall dec's for my room
- check out middle-school books about other countries and read up
- make more of my own clothes/accesories (not w/ mommy's help!)
- design/make/paint a bedframe and/or coffee table for next year
- experiment w/ "around the world" vegan cookbooks (thai/indian food yay!)
- attempt to do some drawing/writing...
- brush up on the espanol and work in a little italian, french, thai- whatever
- see a ballet and/or opera (?)
- learn some classy ballroom dancing (swing, salsa, whatever)

also on the to-do list:
- get on a regular schedule of swim laps/run/rollerblade/dance
- clean out all my old clothes/random shit
- work my way to full-time vegan (so hard to give up cheese/chocolate!)
- ace my stats class
- regularly volunteer in preg resource center/head start/soup kitchen (at least until i start workin 40 hrs/wk)
- road trip to state i've never been to (marcus and i are discussing - but that means we'd have to get to kansas (closest state i haven't been to) and back in a weekend bc of class)

so yea. basically turn current emily into kickass emily. good plan, huh?
but we all know i always take on entirely too much shit, and i never have enough time to do any of it, even when i schedule my life down to the second (typically done during lectures :) haha). so we'll see..
in all honesty, if i get some reading, volunteering, photography, and cooking done... i should be all set. those are most important to me.

oh, and i really want a summer fling (no more of this long-term relationship or one night stand bs).. bc i've never really had one. i guess whenever i get into an acceptable shape, i should be hitting up the beach for hotties, right? hahaha

i am the biggest nerd on the face of the earth :)
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04-27-05 11:14pm

looks like a good plan. just don't expect to finish everything on it. be happy with what you do accomplish.

for studying, i love to listen to jazz before classical. any Dave Brubeck is superb.

and finally, the book that should top everybody's summer reading list is Harry Potter #6, after it comes out in July!!!!

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Re:, 04-28-05 8:22am

i'll check out this brubeck guy... but harry potter, any lord of the rings, and any of the da vinci code are *not* making my list... lo siento

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