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simplywicked (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2005 at 8:02pm
Music: Hampton the Hamster- The Official Hamster Dance
Its crazy how happy the hamster dance makes me.. Like... i was in a bad mood a min ago. and now i'm happy!

..or is that bi-polar?
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04-27-05 11:47pm

It's not bi-polar. One day I was telling my mom that I always felt bi-polar, and she laughed and said "Ohhh that's just being a teenager". And I believe everyone I know has bi-polarly just happens.

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Re:, 04-28-05 12:05pm

bipolar is the extreme of everything. like your extremely depressed for a week or two and then your extremely happy for about a week or two. and then it starts all over again.

and you have to be suicidal when your depressed and when your happy you have big spending sprees.

so. yeah. its normal teenage-ness to go from being depressed to being happy in about a minute, but its not bipolar..

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Re:, 04-28-05 9:51pm

* agrees with mandy and kalie...minus the whole HAVING to have suicidal thoughts*

~much love!

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