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simplywicked (profile) wrote,
on 5-15-2005 at 3:03pm
Happy birthday Jeymmy!

I haven't updated on here for a while. Uhmm.. yeah.. maybe cuz i have nothing to say.

I've been thinking about fuckhole lately, which pisses me off.. But to be honest, I miss having someone "care about me" (even though he didnt). I know my firends care, and my family and such.. but i'm one of those shallow people that needs a boyfriend.. and when it seemed like no one here would have me... i could rely on him.. Only now i can't...


Emo emo emo emo emo emo emo.

-Emo Boys-
Damn you.
Beautiful, Godly, untouchable.
Lip peirced, hair dyed.
You look at me from across the floor and smile.
You know i want you.
toy with me.
Be coy with me.
Smirk, walk away.
Leave me behind, wondering.
Damn you.
Beautiful, godly, untouchable.


That was in honor of the SUPER MEGA HOT emo boy at Fat Tuesday's last night.... fucker.

But yeah.. i'm pretty much done.. Hahaha.
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05-15-05 10:53pm

Haha that's pretty much fan-bloody-tastic, pretty much. So I pretty much love the phrase "pretty much", you know, since it's pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Ahhh so fun.

[pretty much]

And what super mega hot emo boy are you talking about?

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05-19-05 12:41am

you konw I care about you... don't you? I know not in the same way you would want the care.. from..whoever you want it from... but his "Care" was wasn't care at all... notice you call him 'Fuckhole'.. just think about that.

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Re:, 05-26-05 8:16pm

Obviously his "care" was shit. I freaking know that, ok? But i kinda didnt know that at the time, ok? And i wasn't talking about friend care..

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Re: Re:, 05-27-05 9:47am

yes, I know, I know, and I know. I'm sorry.

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