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frumpy (profile) wrote,
on 7-2-2005 at 12:04am
Current mood: productive
Music: march of pigs + nine inch nails
Subject: obligatory i'm-not-dead-yet entry XD
Poor neglected journal, I haven't updated it in ages! ^^;; I thought it needed a little attention. I've been keeping up with all of you every day, however, so it's not like I've been COMPLETELY absent ;p

My summer so far has been a mixture of completely boring all around and interesting to me while uninteresting to other people (story of my life, right? XD) So you could pretty much say I've done nothing. T-minus 25 days and counting until I'm off to Japan though. All this planning and packing is SO stressful. I hate this part, always XP

I'm planning on having myself a ZOMG SEX TALK with my mother soon. And no butterflies at all, which is odd, but good. (And yes, it means what you think it means.. omgshuttup! :D)

Oh! For anyone who cares to know who didn't already, Sarah Johnston is supposed to be in town this weekend... umg I must make a point to see her ^___^


I know, short entry, but I'm out of anything original to say (read my eljay, gooses! ^^)

Tally-ho~! <3
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07-02-05 1:23pm

You're gunna have sex with Mike?

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Re:, 07-02-05 2:23pm


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Re: Re:, 07-03-05 1:40pm

I'll take that as a yes. I have to talk to you before you do, though...

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