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wierdo (profile) wrote,
on 8-6-2005 at 9:46am
Current mood: tired and bored
Music: Def Lepard
Well, its been quite the time since i've been in here. Going on like 7 months now or something like that.

Well, i guess i'll start with the bad/depressing news. Emily broke up with me July 20th. We were together almost 9 months. It was bad........i mean really bad. I just can't stop thinking about her. I swear...for a while ....thinking about her was the only reason that i didn't kill myself. I don't want to kill myself and i'm not going to, but i did. Last week was the first time i saw her in 2 weeks. I saw her at the gas station. Then later on that night at a friends house. We didn't really talk at all and it was quite awkward. But then we talked on the phone the next day for like an hour. Nothing happened. We just kinda concluded that we would just try to be best friends. She still loves me and wants to be friends, is what she said. So yeah, once again i was heart broken. But you know what, thats life. Shit happens, and most of the time there's not a damn thing anybody can do about it, so why try.

Well, i guess the good news is my summer is going pretty good. Except for the whole paragraph up above. I'm hangin out with alot of my old friends that i haven't been around in a long time. Its alot of fun. My sister had her baby towards the end of may or beginning of June, one of the two. But she had a girl. Her name is Kelsie Rose. Kamie and Todd just got their appartment too. So i'm really happy for my sister right now. She has a baby, a job, support for the baby, and her own place with the baby's father. Its good to know that she's in good hands right now.

So yeah...i haven't wrote in here in a long time. I'm sure i missed a few people's birthday's.

Umm...Happy 18th B-day to Amy! But i already saw you after your birthday.

Erika....happy 17th birthday to you.

Um......and yeah i can't really think of anybody elses. So if i missed you, then i'm sorry and happy birthday. I've gotta get going now. Everybody in here should leave me a message or comment. It will make me feel good cause then i'll know that people read what i write and yeah.

Kevin L. Meek
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08-06-05 2:32pm

That does suck ass. But when things don't work out, I like to think of them as reassurances that you're on your way to something even better. E-V-E-N B-E-T-T-E-R. I never thought there was a relationship feasible out there that I could attain, but when I wasn't looking for it I found it. Definitely something to live for.

Congratulations to your sister, too. Mine's expecting a baby girl as well this October, also in good hands.

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08-06-05 3:58pm

We talked about alot of it. You'll pull through and the sun will shine again! My birthday was may.. but its ok.

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08-07-05 9:15am

hey, things'll get better... they always do.

and dont EVER talk about killing yourself. remember that when life gets rough its only god testing you. when you start to think like that just look at the things around you... your new niece, the stars, golf... whatever it is just dont forget that life is ALWAYS worth it! it wouldnt be fun if we couldnt get pissed off and throw things once in awhile!

and thanks.. happy 18th birthday to you too.

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08-08-05 8:45pm

I'll leave you a comment since you said so but were hanging out soon so we can talk then.


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08-13-05 2:33pm

Hey Loser ;) just kidding... well I dunno what I was gonna say but I thought I would just say hi!... well I will talk to you later aight Luv Peace Chicken Grease!!

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