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wierdo (profile) wrote,
on 8-25-2005 at 2:53pm
Current mood: calm
Music: Gorillaz-Feel Good
Well howdy.

I'm quite bored right now. I'm just sitting at work. There are no customers and nothing to do, so yeah. I'm not exactly sure what i am doing tonight. I think i'm just hanging out with Randy. Going to some sports place that he wants to go to. But other than that, i have nothing going on. So if anybody feels like doing something or hanging out or whatever, call my cell phone. 262-3578.

But anyways, i'm doing good, my family is doing good, my dogs are doing good. My sister is doing really good right now. She's got her apartment, Todd is still with her, they take care of the baby. She's getting so big and she's starting to smile and laugh, which just cracks me right up.

So yeah, i don't really have anything else to say.

But somebody could be really nice and leave me a good comment!


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08-25-05 3:23pm

Okay well I guess I'll leave you a comment since I'm nice like that but I just remembered the time when we were at Briannas and Tyler was there too and we started throwing grapes at everyone lol good times. We were being such retards lol oh well though. There isn't any point in us hanging out tonight since I'll see you tomorrow but you have to take me to see Kamie's baby sometime because I've never seen her besides in pictures which doesn't count!! Anyways have fun at work. I'll ttyl. <3 Ashley

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08-25-05 11:45pm

I'll leave ya a nice message, I hope you havea great day!


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08-26-05 1:17am

Well- if you really want a nice message, i will leave one! haha. Me, you and Ashley need to hang out with some people soon. It would be a fun time for sure. I dont ever see you anymore. Remember when we went out in like 5th grade for awhile?!?! That was good times lol.

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08-26-05 1:45am

Hey Kevin,
I saw you at work the other day and i was really bored too, so next time your at work if you get a break or something you should come see me cause after all im just across the road lol oh by the way this is Kourtney, then we can entertain each other for a little while haha anyways ill ttyl bye!

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08-26-05 10:41am

I'll do the best I can. If i were a nicer person...maybe i would be nicer! Let me just... type...


And say that I love ya! Have a Fantastic Day!

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09-13-05 4:43pm

hi kevin! here's my really nice comment to you:

FRICK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!! (it's censored cuz i'm at work lol)

you make me laugh really really hard to remember the convo we last had about a certain teacher?? lol that was fun..
anyway i haven't heard from you in a while so give me a call!!!!

much love ~jess

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Re:, 09-14-05 2:42pm

Lol, oh yes, good conversation that was! We had some good times. Yeah i haven't talked to you in a while. We've got some catching up to do, so i'll call you in a day or two, when i'm not busy cause i'm really busy right now with stuff. So i'll talk to ya later!

love always, me!

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Re: Re:, 09-15-05 5:51pm

hmm,,kevin i'm very intrigued.....what kind of 'stuff' is going on???????????? maybe i'll call you tonight because i'm very curious and of course i have to tell you all about school and some fun gossip about my own 'stuff' that's been going on....anyway we need to talk soon

*misses kevin*

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