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mle (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2005 at 12:26am

i give up.

i'm so sick of trying to fill this void in my life with other people's attention and affection. and i'm just not getting enough. i can only handle so many negative balances before the whole system just implodes.
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09-18-05 11:30pm

awww. cheer up. i wish i could help more.

every time i drive past collindale (which is a lot now) i think "man, i still need to see her..."

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Re:, 09-20-05 12:24pm

get ready for this: i'll be in town this weekend. satuday afternoon-sunday afternoon, i believe. but i'm hitching a ride in, so i'll be sans vehicle. unless i steal the minivan or truck from the parents (hahahahaha.. no.) so i'll give you a ring, and if you feel like picking up my butt, we can get that long-awaited coffee. :)

and another good note: yesterday was a great day.

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