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Tails (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2005 at 10:53pm
October 14th @ 8pm IM ON SALE!!!

Morning Star bitches. its a man a bacholer thing but less dressy and so much hotter. so please ladies come bid on me or at least be there to make me feel like im hott...cause god knows ima need it. SO SERIOUSLY PELASE COME I WANT YOU TO BID ON THIS HOTT PIECE OF ASS HERE.

i really hope you guys show up. come on you know you want to.
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09-21-05 11:21pm

i'll so try super duper hard to be there!

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09-21-05 11:24pm

i'll try if i can get a ride

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09-22-05 10:49pm


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09-23-05 8:21pm

like do you go one a date with the girl who wins you, thats cool. i should do it to. that would be fun.

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10-01-05 8:11pm

love ya whetzel!! I'd do it.

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02-27-06 3:22pm

I'd throw down a 5.

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