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Iron-Cipher (profile) wrote,
on 9-27-2005 at 10:49pm
Current mood: nostalgic
Music: vertical horizion - Everything you want
Subject: just a blink of an eye
So here I sit in my bed staring at a blank scren trying to figure out what to say. I'm not sure if it is because i don't know where to start or if I'm not sure that it would mater. It's just another journal entry right? Wel then why am i rambling.

So I moed out of my parents house prety much the night i graduated. I just reccently started renting a house in GR. My house is over by heritage hils near GRCC. It is on Franklin and Madison. They call it the mayflower because it used to be painted mayflower.

I live here with my bestfreind Ben, my sister Katti, Her boyfriend Oliver, Jim his supervisor, and Travis Jim's underling. Life is interesting lately. I work from 10 until 4 monday through friday, and I go to class most of the time from 6 - 9 monday through thursday. Life seems a litle exhuasting sometimes, and i hope that it doesn't alway keep this pace.

I am madly in love with Rachel Harper Greggs, and i can't wait until she has the same last name. Yes sometimes we fight and sometimes we drie eachother crazy, but i have never felt this in love with anyone, and I don't think I would want to. Like I said she drives me abosutely mad, but I love her to death! Live gets crazy for us sometimes and leaves us spinning but i guess we really have two opitions in the end anyway, hold onto eachother as tight as we can and see where we end up, or let go... Personaly I think that the second sounds like less of an adventure.

Rachel is such an amazing person. She cares so much about everything and everybody. She has such a beautiful imagination that is capable oof such spectacular things, and yet at the same time the worst of nighmares. i love being with her, i love her smile. I love the way that she laughs. I love her eyes. I love her.

Well I know that you are wondering when you can stop reading, and I guess that was a few paragraphs ago. But if you feel persistent, her it is! I miss you all. the people that i grew up with. went to school with. Annoyed. I just wonder what's going on in your lifes. How are you doing on this new adventure? Are you there? Are you reading this? I love you all regardless of any stupid bad blood between us. If you feel up to it leave a reply. Say hi! Leave an e-mail address where i can drop a line or something. Good luck and God bless on your adventures.
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09-27-05 11:55pm

Hey, it's good to hear you're still alive afterall...

...feel free to send me a letter at anytime...

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09-28-05 12:22am

i'm reading it!

and i know i have yet to call you. shame on me. but i will. because i have to get some nick in before i move.

i miss you kid. i was reading an old book and found a picture of you in it that i used as a bookmark. it was taken after play and you are wearing makeup. ah, memories.

once again, i miss you.

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09-28-05 12:24am

Nick, you're an awesome guy. Thank you so much for calming me down on Sunday when I couldn't stop freaking out. I'm so glad that you're with Rachel, you're the perfect person for her.

Miss ya lots. Blah blah blah and all that stuff.

Love ya.

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09-28-05 8:13am

good for you. btw way i read it.

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09-28-05 5:34pm

hi! i should really stop by your house again sometime soon, but school keeps my butt busy and then on the weekends i get lazy and dont wanna go anywhere or do anything. hhmmm lets see, new in my life, i bowled a 203 today and felt special, uh got accepted to grand valley state university yesterday, hmmm, wake up super duper early everyday to go to class which starts at 6:30am, and spend lots of spare time catching up on sleep. i lead a very boring life, :) glad everything is going well, ta ta!

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09-28-05 11:33pm

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. You and Rachel are so cute! :D

I still haven't seen you guy's house yet. ^.^

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09-29-05 11:35pm

Hey Nick, I never really got to tell you how awesome it was to see you the other day at church. That was so exciting. I need your address, so I can send you something in the mail. I love you man.
Theres always a place.
Love Molly
P.S. I know that God is going to pour abundant blessings on you and Rachel!! goodluck

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