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atman (profile) wrote,
on 9-29-2005 at 7:09pm
Music: This Machine (Twenty points if you know where its from!)
Subject: Still here
So here it is, a frigid thursday night. I'm stuck in my room desperately trying to bullshit a pages worth of information for my honors class (AGAIN).

I took my first official test in college today. I didn't do so well. I think I know something I should remember when I become a teacher.
I studied dates for a long ass time, tons of court cases, and went over the admendments in the back of the book. I was told these were 'important for the test', yet they were so important, they didn't show up. What DID show up, however, was all the shit I should have been studying. Latin phrases, random vocabulary I hadn't heard of, and more latin phrases...did I mention that latin showed up quite a bit? Oh, and I have a question. Who the hell intials Lyndon Johnson's name?! I saw a list of presidents for one of the questions that read,
Ford, Carter, LBJ.
Did el BJ die in an assaination? No. Did he stop pollution? No. All he did was take over for Kennedy. To me, that DOES NOT warrent intials. But thats just me.
Other than that, college is fair. I sat with a group of girls on Tuesday (OMFG) and tried talking to them, but none of them really interested me. They all seemed kind of boring. But it was about 9:30 in the morning, and I had been up for about 4 hours, so I wasn't really awake. I guess they could have been offering free sex and I missed it, but I highly doubt it since I remember one of them talking about how we shouldn't kill defenseless animals for food. I don't see her jumping from "People shouldn't eat rabbits. How are they supposed to defend themselves", to "Wanna do it on this table?"
I've also thought more about seriously doing a comic, but no longer with Bill and Bob, actually. I've debated making one and basing it on college and the people I know. I think it would be pretty good, and I've been jotting down ideas for when I learn to draw. Although if Central is anything like Cedar, it'll offer a million drawing classes, but I won't get into any of them.
As much as I'm sure everyone enjoys my bitching, I should get going. I have to talk for a page about whether or not grades matter, whats the purpose of college grades, and are B's ok? OR I can take the classy route and talk about a class that doesn't give grades but instead has tons of feedback, then at the end you pass or fail.
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09-29-05 7:52pm

college blows.

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09-29-05 8:08pm

LAN friday and saturday, my house

admission is a 12 pack of soda

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Re:, 09-29-05 8:16pm

No! That is the last time I try any of your car products.

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Re: Re:, 09-29-05 8:47pm

yeah but this is teh hawt wax

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09-30-05 10:23am

dude. i'm realizing the difference between me and my roommate (the one who comes in with a different girl in tow every night of the week) is that he's never in the room. he's always out there, putting himself on the line. if you want girls, that's what you'll have to do. i, however, don't want girls. i have plenty of girl for me, and so i just sit in my room and just get the occasional visitor. good to hear you're venturing out at least a little...

and i would say, don't worry so much about what's not on the test, as just making sure that you DO emphasize the things that ARE on the test. that's the important part.

Necessito el BJ...

and are you gonna be in town for Red Flannel? i'm gonna try and hook up with beans at the marching show. you should too... or something. catch me on the cell or email or flare gun sometime.

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10-01-05 1:43am

He's called LBJ becuase Lyndon Baynes Johnson sounds stupid

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