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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2005 at 9:18pm
Current mood: tired
Music: [My Humps- BEP]
Subject: [Why Cant It Just Be Friday?]
I just got back from shopping with the lovely Kari Ann. It was fun. I <3 hanging out with her. She makes me giggle.

Has anyone felt like yesterday or today feels like Friday? Yesterday felt so much like a Friday, and today KINDA did.

So yesterday after school I went to Jordan’s, Duh. We had a Disney day. We watched Aristocats (sp). I loved it. I named my fish, well its not MY fish because its in her fish tank, but I got to name it. I names it Tulus (sp) from the kitty on Aristocats. I love Jordan. She’s like the only one that I would watch a Disney movie like that with and not feel retarded at laughing at the movie.

So yeah this weekend: probably the Forest Of Fear with Brianna and Jordan and more then likely Joey and Dan… Mmm well maybe I shouldn’t go. Kinda seems like 5th wheel to me but idk. I’ll figure it out lol.

Always: Saturday is my DrIvErS tEsT. Im scared shitless. Pray for me!

<3 .kell$.

*14 Days*
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10-19-05 11:20am

I invited You to come with me. You HAVE to come with me. You just have to. :(

*who says jordan and pavlak are going*?

Just kiddin, Love you jorda.

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Re:, 10-19-05 7:19pm

We'll Talk About It.

I Have To Talk To You Anyways.

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10-19-05 12:08pm

ahaha.... me and keegan watched that movie like a month ago... and it IS so great! my favorite part is when the little girl kitty goes "oh a riki tiki tiki"

laughs.... dont worry... we're nerdy too!

and HEY.. dont fear your road test.. i was like the most nervous person ever and was asking EVERYONE all the details of it.. and i ended up taking out 3 cones in the beginning... its just i was so nervous. but alas.. i passed. and you will too!

yay GO algebra!

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Re:, 10-19-05 7:18pm

Haha, Yeah Latley Me And Jordan Have Had Infatuations With Classic Disney Movies. Today We Watched 'Rescuers Down Under'. Good Good Movie.

Missed You Today In Algebra. It Was Pretty Boring. (Duh!)

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