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mle (profile) wrote,
on 11-4-2005 at 10:09pm
Current mood: . homesick, unmotivated, lonely .
Music: . sarah mclachlan . adia .
. i'm so lame .

i hope marcus comes out sunday night.

i think about him every day.

Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Food: tofu, in various forms
Favorite month: october - birthday, leaves change, halloween, not (usually) too burnt out in school... what more could a girl ask for?
Favorite Song: "this side you've never seen" by the december drive. and many others.
Favorite Movie: romeo + juliet, mean girls, mona lisa smile
Favorite Sport: i hate sports
Favorite Season: all of 'em - yay for michigan's 4 seasons!
Favorite Day Of the Week: class-free tuesdays
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: mint choc chip or moose tracks
Favorite Time of Day: mid-morning

Current Mood: overall depressed
Current Taste: post-gum
Current Clothes: white state tshirt (from supporting my vball girls), black gauchos
Current Desktop Picture: one of my originals
Current Toenail Color: silvery light pink
Current Time: hey let's rub it in that i'm not going out on a friday night
Current Surroundings: standard location: lying in bed w/ mood lighting and a candle burning
Current Thoughts: classified information

First Best Friend: barbara, in dewitt.
First Kiss: chris c, i think. in like 2nd grade.
First Screen Name: disco6chica
First Pet: gizmo, a mutt cat who thought he was a dog
First Piercing: ears, second grade
First Crush: cole. in dk.
First CD: no doubt - tragic kingdom 10th birthday from aunt barb
First Car: badass green taurus

Last Cigarette: last saturday, but before then it'd been a while
Last Drink: beaner's fair trade rwanda coffee
Last Car Ride: drive to campus this morning
Last Kiss: EDIT: i forgot to change this from the person before... and now (11/29) i don't remember...
Last Movie Seen: romeo + juliet - my fave for falling asleep to
Last Phone Call: ry, my big
Last CD Played: relient k - mmhmm

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: yes. and it hurts twice as hard when it ends.
Have You Ever Broken the Law: and been caught? only driving stuff
Have You Ever Been Arrested: no sir
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: no
Have You Ever Been on TV: yea- bozo a couple times, local news, etc
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: yes sir

Thing You're Wearing: ribbon necklace
Thing You've Done Today: walked campus
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: the girls down the hall watching saw
Thing You Can't Live Without: ipod
Thing You Do When You're Bored: sleep

1. union
2. jenison fieldhouse (volleyball game)
3. urban outfitters
4. lafayette square for dinna

1. to be loved/appreciated
2. to be happy with myself
3. more time

1. Black or White: black
2. Hot or Cold: cold

1 THING YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE: find the love of my life
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11-06-05 5:24pm

hey there.

coffe was fun. knowing how long it will take to actually happen, maybe we should start planning now...

oh. and a rather... i guess you could call it funny... we'll say interesting note - i was always really mad at chris collison. his family had more money than mine, and you obviously seemed more interested in him. i'm over it now, of course... but for a 2nd grader it was not an easy thing. i thought it was funny.

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Re:, 11-11-05 12:48am

it's interesting that you just brought up the fact that i seemed more interested in him alongside the fact that his family had more money than yours.. because back then, i didn't even notice the money thing, but apparently it was something that bothered you...
and i'm up for coffee during thanksgiving break. i'll give you a ring when it gets closer.

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