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xxinterrupted (profile) wrote,
on 11-6-2005 at 11:23am
Current mood: depressed
So it has been an all around bad weekend. It started off at work Friday, though I really don't want to talk about it.. [friends only entry!]

So I tried to call Jim to see what he was doing, Jeff answered to phone. Our convo:
Jeff Hello?
me Hey, is Jim there?
Jeff Uhh, no he got kicked outta the house last night.
me What? Where did he go?
Jeff I don't know.
then we said bye or whatever.. and I haven't heard from Jim since. What a nice guy, huh? I'm sitting here worrying about him all weekend, and he probably doesn't even care. His mom keeps calling me to see if he called me to tell me where he is.. but I have to keep telling her no, because he really hasn't even called me.

Later that night Becky and I went to the football game at Ringgold. I ate like everything. The food looked soo good. We lost 7-48. We actually left early, so we didn't get to see us score a touch down.

Saturday I went to Gabrielle Brothers. I got some toys for Christmas for Gabrielle, and some shirts for myself. I spent $90.12.. good job on my part. I thought I was going to spend more. <3333
Saturday night Becky and I went to the mall.. for like 3 minutes. LMMFAO. Good times though.. we'll go again, maybe for longer this time.. and maybe I'll actually buy my purse!! We went to Burger King to see TUBBY!! [[Kristen.. love you!!]] Then I took her home, and I came home and went online for a while.

Today I'm just lounging around the house.. I'm gonna post some pictures of gabby today. Later Bridg and I are supposed to go to the movies.

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11-06-05 1:41pm

I hate effing Centerville! But I love you.

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11-08-05 4:32pm

Hey Love Handle! Your such a cutie! You need to come work at BK with me so we can be chubs together! lol

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