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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 11-9-2005 at 10:55am
so this is one of those days where everything feels kind of crappy and i can't work up any gratefulness.

andrea and alli got me to skip aerobics. that's okay with me as long as i don't do it next week.

but seriously. i woke up in such a bad mood this morning.

my roomate is so dumb.

she woke me up no less than five times last night. it's usually only twice.

but here's the deal. every tuesday my floor goes out for chicken strips at the roadhouse. i don't like to go because they come back to late and i have to get up at 7 on wednesdays. so i'm up in my bed reading and you can't see me very well from the floor. chuck comes in and wonders asks where i am and christian says the lounge because she knew i didn't want to go. i thought she was just covering me like a good roomate.

but maybe she's just stupid and didn't know i was in my bed. she's like that. so she leaves to somewhere, i don't know where and i didn't really care. except that she left the tv on which is why i don't think she knew i was there, but you never know. she's pretty rude.
then i called her to see if she was coming back. but she didn't take her phone. i decided to turn the tv off anyway.

i went to bed around 10:45

at 12:30 ish i get a phone call. from ole' roomie. i didn't answer it because i was sleeping.

But then. . .i hear my voicemail from my room.


Then christan starts talking and leaving a message for her sister on my phone because she thought she got a new phone.

we don't even have the same area codes. and my voice mail says 'this is sarah'

so this means she isn't paying attention to my phone ringing or hear sarah or reconize an area code and she didn't put my number in her phone when i gave it to her a month ago.

and then she calls again so i turn my phone off. and then she woke me up from moving around and lights and stuff like that.

i'm being so mean. but i don't even care. she drives me crazy.

And then this morning we had to have a debate in english about globalization. does that make sense? everyone was just making stuff up and one person in my group didn't even understand her topic and was getting all mad when the judges called her out on it.

Here are some good things though
I made my schedual early because they still think i'm in the honors college

i love jake huizenga

i don't think i even have to write paper five in english

that's it.

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11-09-05 12:18pm

i alway wanted kids
is it wrong to hope for sids?

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Re:, 11-10-05 10:12am

it's my fucking baby!

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11-09-05 4:49pm


yeah, i tend to shy away from all the drama.

but every so often, it feels good to go out until 3 in the morning, then get up for my 9am class.

just feels like i really am a college kid that way.

and i sleep extra-specially well the next night. :)

cheer up sarar.

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Re:, 11-10-05 10:14am

i don't like being a college kid. i like sleeping and doing my homework and not partying.

and also haveing my own room.

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Damn that's an ugly baby., 11-09-05 7:41pm

Damn, that's an ugly-ass baby.

Throw a chair.

Or. Hide ALL her stuff. Then tell her she's in the wrong room. Maybe she won't come back because you said she was dumb, right? Hopefully.

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Re: Damn that's an ugly baby., 11-10-05 10:13am

that's a good idea

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