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wildthing (profile) wrote,
on 11-23-2005 at 2:37am
Hey Ya'll whats up!!! Not much here well a lot actually my dad and janet are gettin divorced thank god! lol
I have a Boyfriend, his name is Daryl weve been goin out a month and i love him so much! but yeah n e who ttyl@
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call me, 11-23-05 10:05am

hey how are you doing. are you gonna call me to tell me your up here. i thought not. hehe jk...well i'll talk to you later k bye and hugs, Joey

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Re: call me, 11-25-05 8:54pm

Hey I'm soo sorry i didnt think youd wanna hang out with me that bad :(:(:( Now i'm sad *sighs* well maybe over xmas break! *HUGS*

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