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sugarmouse0587 (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2005 at 4:04pm
Music: motion city-when you're around
sssoooo. tizzle was gizzle. more like grizzle though.

i think i love kids. seriously. i thought i hated the sixth graders, but i don't. even the ones that i thought hated me don't really. they make me feel good even when i don't do anything. and they make me feel weird because i don't remember much of being 11. i don't know exactly how to treat them, but still. . .i'm in complete and total awe.

and the preschoolers are so great and sweet and smart. i love them. if i were a kidnapper my tiny little room would be full of little kids. that sounds kind of sick. that's okay.

ho ho ho. i love cheese its. but you know what i hate?

Nextel Phones. They are stupid and also dumb and redundent. I hate them so much I want to smash them into the ground. No one wants to hear your stupid conversations or that stupid ugly chirping noise. and you don't have to talk so loud. no one cares that much. What is the point of having a walkie talkie unless you're on some kind of crazy mission to save the world. but you're not saving the world, you're annoying me please die in a horrible accident.

chirp chirp die. i will bury your grandchildren.

i'm moving out of my room with jenna skenna. she is nice and isn't stupid and doesn't have a nextel. i won't have to cut myself anymore. and she lives on the cool third floor. i can get away from chuck and all the gansta wanstas.

i love robots, puzzles and jake huizenga.
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11-28-05 8:09pm

yesssssssssssssa! i hate nextels also.

bbbbbeep beep


*what'd you say?! what what?1

*yo waz up
*nothing i'm just at the grocery store

i dont know

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Re:, 11-28-05 10:20pm

give it to me baby.

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I NEED TO GO TO BEEEEED!, 11-29-05 12:29am

Please don't kill me

I have one, but I'm not annoying on it. I don't really talk on it in front of a lot of people. Please don't kill me!
Here's an example of an annoying person:
I have herpes
Just thought you should know

Yeah that's totally not me, but it could be Jesser B...


It is.
I love you.

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11-29-05 2:32am

i so totally enjoyed that!!! hahaha and i love my nextel!!! and you love my nextel because we call BRYAN hotpants mccoy on it!! hahaha and yay...jenna is nice and i'll come visit and not want to die in your room with crazy head girl!! hahahaha!! LVOE YOU!

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11-29-05 10:12pm

whenever i'm on my nextel with my family, i'm ALWAYS on a mission to save the world.

seriously, my signature line is: "the jelly has left the donut."

honest to god. and that's why i'm so incredibly awesome.

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