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karoras-spirit (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2005 at 4:54pm
Subject: Zdrastvuyt'e!
Name: Karora. Rora. Rora-faerie. Ginger. You girl. Any works.
Other important writer-y type bits: I DID manage to win NaNoWriMo. Go me. Bollocks it may be, but I did it!
I have, however, now firmly caught the writing bug, so I'm doing it all again this month.
I'm going to write the semi-sequel to Straying From The Sidewalk (<-- shameless plug!), my NaNo novel, just because...hell, I loved writing it. Really, REALLY loved it. And I'm in that sort of frame of mind right now.
Style of writing: LitFic. In other words - no plot, just a bunch of characters and a theme. As of right now, I don't actually have a storyboard figured out with what happens to whom when, which I should really be working on, but I'm busy wrangling with my bank manager about my lack of ID. Aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh.
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11-30-05 12:38pm

I think PitR counts as LitFic. it's all about how Kaylee ISN'T the one who saves the day-- she's the one who's like, well, I just want everyhing to be normal agian.

Except when she's drunk, then she's like "DANCEGLITTLESPARKLESYAYE"

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Re:, 12-02-05 7:10am

I have a number of criteria for books I like:

1. They mustn't have an ending. I hate things with endings. The best type of book is the one that stops and leaves things undone.
2. If more than 3 distinct points happen in a chapter, it can go. Books with fast-moving plots just aren't my thing. Hence my enjoyment of LitFic - often in an entire book, virtually nothing is actually accomplished. There is a problem. The characters aknowledge there is a problem. The end.
3. Verbs can go and sod off. Introspection, not action, is what the best books are made of. See above point.
4. Plots are evil and must be strangled.

Hmm. No plot, no ending, and no action. Kinda easy to see why I like LitFic, then! XD

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Re: Re:, 12-02-05 9:49pm

There is a plot, but it's very sketchy. Made most of plot points that are "Kaylee breakdown! Whee."

There is no definite ending. It's Kaylee, and that thin ray of hope, but in all plausibility, the world is dead..

And then Life Goes On picks up about 7 years later. XD

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