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bigty623 (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2006 at 10:59pm
what a crappy day, WAIT! what a crappy year. i screwed myself all right. i can't do it. that is just no way i am going to pass science. i can't do it. i have a 61% in there right now i've got to get atleast a 65% to pass. i'm screwed. i don't no what to say. i screwed my self so bad. i just want to quit school. but i was to do that. the friend i have would probably disown me. well atleast the freinds i have. i don't no how many that is. i just can't freaking wait till i get out of school.
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01-10-06 9:14am

i know the feeling. school sucks, especially after 12 years.

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01-20-06 10:24pm

Boy i said the Same shit! lol. I failed many of Classes before i found out the reason i didnt wanna try in High School. Ya i had an Excuse but ya know, Brain tumor to me dont cut it. I wanna be done with Fucking High school too. Im in my 5th year of the shit. Well later!

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