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:: 2007 17 December :: 8.30 pm

note to self: sunday @ 10 on BBC

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:: 2007 15 November :: 3.50 pm

seen this in the headlines while i was at school today, thought it was funny. check it out;_ylt=ApoX7F5dyR.1NbiB8ry4ZYXq188F

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:: 2007 21 October :: 8.44 pm

why does this always happen to me?
life was just starting to go good, had a girl friend. truck was running good. then all of a sudden someone wanted to shit on me. had a minor truck problem and got dumped in the same fucking weekend. i don't think this weekend could have gotten much worse.

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:: 2007 21 October :: 12.30 am

you know, it's always when things are just starting to look up, then they all just start to come crashing down. I'm still trying to figure how the hell i screwed this one up. i guess i'll never really no

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:: 2007 25 September :: 11.33 pm

why would he be telling me sorry, especially when i basically stole his girl friend. it just don't make sense to me. i don't get it.

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:: 2007 22 May :: 3.43 am

this is stupid
if you don't want people on your wireless internet you should secure it.

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:: 2006 14 September :: 10.45 pm

well... tonight scared the shit out of me, i was driving home from burger king and i take west street home. so i am always in the right hand lane coming into town, and i almost got there and there was some douche bag wearing all black, walking in the road. i almost hit'em. i was going almost 45. it scared the shit out of me, then i got home and told my dad and my brother over heard me and he just got home like 2 min before me and he took the same way and almost hit the same person. it was scarey.

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:: 2006 16 April :: 12.57 am

happy easter!

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:: 2006 7 April :: 11.43 am

i thought this was funny so i'd share it.

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:: 2006 7 April :: 11.15 am

this was a pretty funn video advertisment(SP) that i got in a email from my ucnel so i uploaded it to gmail, check it out

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:: 2006 5 April :: 10.03 am

well... this spring break isn't much different then the rest of them, just sitting around. I found a few weeks ago that my neightbor is selling there house. and come to find out my other my (Teresa) is looking into buying it. that is going to suck if they do get it. living kitty corner to use. then she can really keep an eye on me. watch what i am doing at all times. that would suck completely. well i'm outta here now.

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:: 2006 25 January :: 3.09 pm

well.... it's official, i have braces now :(

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:: 2006 25 January :: 11.59 am

well... this suck, only another hour and a half and i'll be getting braces on :(. i really don't want to get them but i guess i have to :(

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:: 2006 5 January :: 10.59 pm

what a crappy day, WAIT! what a crappy year. i screwed myself all right. i can't do it. that is just no way i am going to pass science. i can't do it. i have a 61% in there right now i've got to get atleast a 65% to pass. i'm screwed. i don't no what to say. i screwed my self so bad. i just want to quit school. but i was to do that. the friend i have would probably disown me. well atleast the freinds i have. i don't no how many that is. i just can't freaking wait till i get out of school.

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:: 2006 3 January :: 10.22 pm

yay! i now have a foredom :D
Right here

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